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Oil and Gas Companies Save Employees’ Lives With Publically Accessible AEDs.

Within the oil and gas industry, there’s been a noticeable increase in the emphasis on workplace safety. Throughout the manufacturing process including oil exploration, crude oil production, and natural gas distribution major companies have been wisely increasing the safety levels within their working environments with the addition of lifesaving, automatic external defibrillators.

Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for a large number of workplace fatalities, especially within the energy manufacturing industry. When an employee suffers a cardiac emergency successful resuscitation is possible when an AED is within reach of employees. When CPR is administered properly within 2 minutes of the cardiac arrest, the employee’s estimated likelihood of surviving the emergency is 80 percent.

Knowing this, it’s not surprising that energy companies are ordering AEDs in large volumes for their headquarters, in operational facilities, on rigs, and in vehicles to protect their valued employees, customers, and visitors. As AED awareness increases, varying price points are available to consumers for these medical devices and their accompanying batteries and pads that start at approximately $1,500.

AED One-Stop Shop is a national multi-brand automatic external defibrillator provider with a consultative mindset. Our expertise within this life preserving industry helps us to pair companies in need of an AED with the right brand and model. Our experts are solely focused on the customer’s needs. Since we utilize a drop shipping business model, our suggestions aren’t biased because we don’t store inventory that might influence your product choice.

Tell us about your company’s needs with the assurance that we’ll certainly help you sort through the available options that are suitable for your corporate safety needs. We’ll be your ideal partner where you can begin and end your AED search at AED One-Stop Shop. Talk to us by phoning 1-855-667-AEDS or e-mail us at

Workplace Safety, AEDs and CPR

As 2015 comes to an end and 2106 begins, it’s a great time to look at your workplace and evaluate wellness, health, and safety.  We know the statistics about the incredible cost of not retaining our employees when we look at recruiting, hiring and training of new ones.  It behooves the business owner or general manager to ensure they are doing everything they can to create a wonderful working environment.

As we approach the New Year it is important to evaluate current workplace safety initiatives and the ways to improve in this area.  An often overlooked initiative tackles the workplace’s surprising top killer which is sudden cardiac arrest.  For many years workplaces and business simply relied upon calling 911 and were at the complete mercy of EMS.  These days companies are investing in small, easy-to-use public defibrillators and CPR training and are thus creating “heart safe” environments for the employees, customers and visitors. What is an AED machine? 

The public defibrillators described above are also known as Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs.  Believe it or not an ordinary personal could easily save the life of a cardiac arrest victim by using the simple automated device.  An AED uses voice and visual prompts to guide the rescuer to remove clothing from the chest, place the two electrode pads appropriately and then deliver a life-saving defibrillation shock if necessary.  Public Defibrillators are safe in that they only deliver therapy if a shock is needed and they even guide rescuers through delivery of CPR compressions.  How to use an AED.

AEDs are needed in corporate workplaces, small businesses, schools, churches, gyms, government offices and certainly public places.  AED One-Stop Shop is a leading provider of the remarkable life-saving devices and we provide CPR/AED training too.  For those needing funding there are programs in place.  AED One-Stop Shop does business in all 50 States and we utilize a consultative approach to help select and provide the ideal AED brand, model and accessories.  Call 855-677-AEDs or email with any questions you have or for a quote at a discounted price.

AEDs and the Outdoor Industry

At AED One-Stop Shop we take great pride in helping to educate, raise awareness and our general effort help to combat Sudden Cardiac Arrest death.  We have worked recently with numerous Outdoor Industries to help deploy life-saving devices for the protection of human life.  U.S. Outfitters are placing Automated External Defibrillators at base camps and on the guided raft/boat/canoe tours in pelican type cases.  Zip Line parks are doing the same.  Camping enthusiasts, boating fanatics, hunters, and recreational vehicle owners are also making this investment in safety.

AED One-Stop Shop is an Albuquerque, NM based National AED Provider with a different approach to business.  We work often with industries with a significant need for public defibrillators and partner with associations, attend conferences and propose to establish “heart safe” initiatives.  We’ve helped to secure general liability discounts with insurance companies but we find that many are simply investing AEDs because it’s the right thing to do.  In related categories we’ve assisted golf courses, athletic organizations, and entities who work with active populations.  It’s important to note that Sudden Cardiac Arrest doesn’t always take the lives of supposed likely candidates, it’s often young lives that are abruptly taken with little to no warning.

For those who are considering Automated External Defibrillators we are very often their first call as we carry the leading brands and fit the right AED type to the client’s particular application.  One popular choice for some of these industries is the HeartSine Samaritan PAD devices which are light, compact and portable.  Others seeking remarkable ruggedness might consider the LIFEPAK CR-Plus or the Philips HeartStart FRx AED.  We discuss specific needs and always seem to land on the right brand and model for our customers.  Furthermore we offer wall cabinets, wall brackets or water tight pelican cases to help protect the life-protecting AED.  Call 855-677-2337 or email for more on our dynamic company.

The Defibtech VIEW AED


What do customers want when selecting an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)?  They often seek ease-of-use and simplicity overall all other product features.  They look for an AED that is equally straight-forward for either a trained responder of for one who’s not.

AED technology is constantly improving with usability in mind.  In the battle between defibrillator manufacturers, Defibtech offered a distinct advancement when they launched the Defibtech VIEW AED.  With the addition of a video LCD screen they enhanced the way the AED coaches the responder by combining amazing visual video prompts with voice.  The color screen shows video images which display removal of the patient’s shirt, correct placement of the electrode pads and even delivery of good CPR.

If you imagine that chaotic moment when a loved one or colleague is down, it is certainly difficult to remain calm.  The functionality of the AED and the way it coaches can make a huge difference in how quickly and effectively one can deliver defibrillation therapy.  Defibtech got it right with this amazingly innovative life-saving product.

The VIEW is not only easy-to-use but the technology within the device is quite advanced.  The Defibtech platform is upgradable which proves most helpful when CPR protocols are changed and amended.  This product also uses the color screen for an excellent menu to configure the device or even change into a demo mode for training purposes.

These nice product features combine to make it an emerging choice for corporations, churches, government and more.  Clinics and dental offices are drawn to the Defibtech VIEW also.  AED One-Stop Shop and are authorized distributors of the Defibtech line of AEDs.  Contact us for a video demonstration of this product by calling 855-OSS-AEDS.

Do consider the Defibtech VIEW AED for your next purchase of life-protecting AEDs.

U.S. Cities Investing in AEDs – “Heart Safe Cities”

In my years of being involved with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) one of my greatest pleasures is working with communities to bolster or build City Defibrillation Programs.  Having met with and partnered with hundreds of communities particularly in the Southwest and Central U.S. it is definitely the people that make this such a delight.  Fire Chiefs, EMS Chiefs, City Safety Managers, Emergency Managers, City Managers, Mayors, Police Chiefs, Risk Managers and Department Heads like Parks & Rec, Utilities and more are often some of the most community-focused and passionate individuals around.  Though every community is different each of the mentioned roles within a municipality have an obligation to not only their local citizens but also to City employees to make them safe from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  I take very seriously the task of helping to create what I classify and describe as “Heart Safe Cities.”

What does a great Defibrillation Program look like?  In my experience, it is often one where there’s outstanding communication between the City Departments and the public officials that lead them.  There is often a well embraced safety culture in such Cities where the general thinking of the community leaders is proactive and they are mindful of the big picture.  The initiative to place life-saving AED devices is paired with the initiative to train City employees in CPR & AED so they are armed with life-saving skills and there’s little apprehension over the use of the public defibrillators.  There’s often one individual who can be coined as the champion of the program and that individual is typically well organized as far as AED placement and the status and inventory of consumables like batteries and electrode pads.

Is your City progressive, average or lacking in respect to a Public Access to Defibrillation Program (PAD)?  Do you have AEDs in City Hall, swimming pools, parks and rec centers, public works, libraries, convention centers, and utility vehicles?  Does your police department have AEDs at the station and have them strategically placed in police patrol vehicles?  The trend to equip police officers with these safe and easy-to-use defibrillators is yielding a notable amount of lives saved since many times they arrive on an emergency prior to Fire Departments.  Does your City have a single brand of AEDs or are there numerous AED types at various departments?  Have you partnered with a knowledgeable consultant such as AED One-Stop Shop who can help determine the right AED brand and model for each application and each environment?  Or have you done much of this but find the management of the program time consuming?  You might need a comprehensive Program Management offering which provides medical direction, asset tracking software, and post-event support when your City uses an AED for an event.

Gone are the days that communities should rely solely on calling 911.  Fire Departments are massive supporters and proponents for the investment in AEDs since they know they simply can’t arrive in time all of the time. Perhaps this article speaks to you and your City or County might need some attention placed upon AEDs. If that’s the case, please contact Laurence Saban of AED One-Stop Shop 855-677-2337 for some expert level guidance on how best to proceed.  Your actions today and focus upon safety will very likely lead to lives being saved at some point in the future, perhaps sooner than you might expect.