When Should I Replace Our AEDs? 8 Reasons to Upgrade AEDs!

ZOLL AED 3 coming soon from AED One-Stop Shop

How many mobile phones have you bought in the past 15 years?  How many laptops or PCs have you had upgraded in the same timeframe?  When you did, what the technology much better?  Well, yes of course it was.  AEDs are Automated External Defibrillators the small life-saving devices which revive people from certainly death when they experience cardiac arrest.  And if your AEDs have been hanging on the wall for 10, 15 or even 20 years, it’s time for a change.  Here are eight (8) reasons you should consider a replacement or trade-in offer from AED One-Stop Shop:

  1. EASY: the new AEDs are easier to use with pre-connected electrode pads and often fully-automatic shock delivery
  2. VISUAL GUIDANCE: the old AEDs all told you one to do but most of the new ones give you visual prompts and screens too
  3. SIZE: the new generation of AEDs are becoming smaller, lighter and more compact than their predecessors
  4. CPR: the new AEDs coach the responder through CPR with outstanding commands, metronomes and even real-time feedback if you’re too slow with the compressions
  5. ECONOMY: the new AEDs have features which minimize maintenance costs over time with long-life batteries and pads
  6. END-OF-LIFE: this is when the AED manufacturers phase out old models and stop offering pads and batteries to maintain them
  7. RECALLS: some AEDs have received mandatory or voluntary FDA recalls due to concern over safety (this one’s important so call us at 855-677-2337 if you’d like to check your AED serial number)
  8. WI-FI CONNECTIVITY: some new AED models (such as the LIFEPAK CR2, ZOLL AED3 and HeartSine Gateway) have wireless connectivity features which can pair the AEDs with readiness software for ultimate readiness & compliance

In short, the new AEDs are easier-to-use than ever and the manufacturers like ZOLL, Stryker/Physio-Control, Defibtech, Cardiac Science, HeartSine and Philips have made great enhancements to their latest devices.  While simpler to operate, they are packed with revolutionary new technology that will certainly lead to more lives being saved.  The wireless features offer a ton of possibilities like communicating ECG data to EMS providers and other benefits for first responder system.

So how do you proceed?  Just call us at 855-677-2337 or email us at Sales@AEDOneStopShop.com to check the status of your AEDs.  Or why not try our quick 15 question AED Buyer’s Guide Survey?  We’ll make recommendations as whether to keep yours or upgrade them and we are armed with trade-in promotions to help you replace them affordably.