Cardiac Science is now a ZOLL Company as is the trusted Powerheart brand. Their versatile AEDs are very popular for law enforcement, fire departments, government and businesses. The Powerheart AEDs are rugged, reliable and generally very easy-to-use. The Powerheart G5 AED fits nicely into the ZOLL product portfolio because of its iCPR technology which prompts the rescuer for rate, depth and chest recoil during CPR.

Why Powerheart? The new technology in the orange Powerheart G5 includes daily self-testing, automatic shock delivery, bilingual English/Spanish voice prompts and much more.

Which AED model? AED One-Stop Shop strongly favors the orange Powerheart G5 AEDs and in fact we are strongly recommending replacement & upgrade of the old Powerheart G3 AEDs. The blue and yellow G3 AEDs have been discontinued and are being phased out.

AED Types:

AED Model / TypePart NumberStatus & Ordering Notes
Powerheart G5 AED (Fully-Auto, iCPR Pad/Device, Bilingual)G5A-80C-SBy quote or online at
Powerheart G5 AED (Semi-Auto, iCPR Pad/Device, Bilingual)G5S-80C-SBy quote only
Powerheart G3 AED (Fully-Auto)9390A-1001Not available / supplies at
Powerheart G3 AED (Semi-Auto)9390E-1001Not available / supplies at



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