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Cardiac Science has a rich lineage and some might associate their history with ECG products like Burdick and Quinton from the hospital & clinic setting. Today Cardiac Science is solely focused on public access defibrillation and their hugely popular Powerheart Brand is prominent around the World. This Wisconsin-headquartered Company is based near Milwaukee. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Deerfield, Wisconsin, as well as operations in California, Denmark, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom and has an installed base of over 500,000 units in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

For many years the flagship device was the Powerheart G3 and G3 Plus AED. This AED balances great easy-of-use features like automatic shock delivery with strong reliability and advanced technology. This feature-packed Automated External Defibrillator fit nicely for corporations, government, education, and public settings.

Today there’s a buzz and excitement at Cardiac Science and within the industry over the recent launch of the long awaited Powerheart G5 Defibrillator. The brand new Powerheart G5 has a new look with a distinctive orange color and sharp looking gray carrycase. This revolutionary device is more compact and lighter than the previous 3rd generation device and it boasts the first dual language prompts in the industry. The AED can be switched from English language to Spanish language at the push of a button and back again if necessary. Other ease-of-use features include a text screen, iCPR real-time CPR feedback, automatic shock delivery and a button which simultaneously opens the lid and turns on the device. From the standpoint of reliability, the G5 does vigorous daily self-tests and has a very visible rescue-ready indicator. And from the standpoint of technology, it delivers variable escalating energy for tough to defibrillate patients and it uses flash drives for uploading software or downloading rescue data using the new USB port.




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