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Your organization needs AEDs but many times it is hard to determine which type to choose, how many you need and how to train your people. Most AED customers are trying to do the right thing by purchasing Automated External Defibrillators, but they unfortunately often end up with the wrong AED products and the wrong services. Many e-commerce websites can be confusing and some AED retailers seem to consider AED defibrillator products to be commodities rather than life-saving medical devices. At One-Stop Shop we will pair you with the right product to meet your needs and the services that will bring your AED program to life including training, tracking and medical oversight. Ultimately it is about tailoring an AED program to meet your needs thereby giving a victim of sudden cardiac arrest the very best chance of survival.

We are based in Albuquerque, NM and we service customers all over the United States with a particularly large customer base in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, New York, Florida and Missouri. Some of the markets we have expertise in are corporations and workplaces, schools and universities, city government, county government, state agencies, churches and non-profits, as well as of course fire departments and law enforcement agencies. Our customers love our diverse offerings and our knowledge about public defibrillators, CPR and the industry in general.

We proudly offer LIFEPAK, Philips HeartStart, HeartSine Samaritan, ZOLL AED Plus and Defibtech LifeLine & ReviveR products. These are some of the best names in the business and there’s a defibrillator type to fit your application whether it is for the professional rescuer or a public access defibrillation program. We are confident that we are the partner you need for life-protecting AED products and services. We consider ourselves a partner rather than a vendor because of the World Class customer service that we provide and that we strive to create raving fans.

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