Medical professionals have trusted the wide range of ZOLL products in hospitals, EMS and clinics and their AEDs sold into the public setting are no exception. The ZOLL AEDs can be distinguished by their bright green color, but it isn’t just their appearance that make them different, its patented pad/electrode design and a revolutionary approach to CPR coaching which do so.

Why ZOLL? All AEDs can deliver a defibrillation shock but not all of them provide superior coaching for CPR. Most lay-rescuers don’t do CPR fast enough or deep enough, but fortunately the ZOLL AED 3 & Plus AEDs will give real-time feedback to insure they do it right.

Why model is best? AED One-Stop Shop recommends the ZOLL AED 3 because of its game changing technology, video screen, adult/child mode and even WIFI connectivity. Those organizations with the ZOLL AED Plus should strongly considering upgrading and using our trade-in rebates.

AED Types:

AED Model / TypePart NumberStatus & Ordering Notes
ZOLL AED 3 (Fully-Auto, WIFI)8511-001102-01By quote or online at
ZOLL AED 3 (Semi-Auto, WIFI)8511-001101-01By quote or online at
ZOLL AED 3 BLS (Semi-Auto, WIFI) 8513-001103-01By quote only
ZOLL AED Plus Fully-Auto8000-004007-01By quote or online at
ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Auto8000-004000-01By quote only
ZOLL AED PRO Semi-Auto90110400499991000By quote only



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