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HeartSine Samaritan AED Products

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HeartSine is now a Stryker brand! HeartSine’s role in the area of defibrillation began when they invented the first mobile defibrillator in 1967 which had an influence on emergency care. The PAD in Samaritan PAD stands for Public Access Defibrillator and that’s what they’ve brought to the market, an easy-to-use device that’s ideal for the lay rescuer and the public setting. You will find their life-protecting AEDs in nursing homes, schools, communities, electric coops, police vehicles, corporations, and even in households.

Why HeartSine? The Samaritans are currently the smallest and lightest AEDs on the market, making them most popular for personal-use defibrillators. Beyond the size, the Samaritans are budget friendly with a low price point and affordable to maintain with 4-year PADPAKs.

Which AED Model? AED One-Stop Shop highly recommends the HeartSine Samaritan 450P AED. This AED is differentiated from the 350P and 360P with real-time CPR coaching. The device doesn’t need any accessories to give feedback it will tell you to “push faster” if needed.

AED Types:

AED Model / TypePart NumberStatus & Ordering Notes
HeartSine Samaritan 450P AED450-STR-US-10 By quote or online at AEDOneStopShop.com
HeartSine Samaritan 360P AED360-STR-US-10By quote or online at purchaseAEDs.com
HeartSine Samaritan 350P AED350-STR-US-10By quote or online at purchaseAEDs.com
HeartSine Samaritan 450P Connected AED with Gateway450-STR-US-GWBy quote or online at purchaseAEDs.com
HeartSine Samaritan 360P Connected AED with Gateway360-STR-US-GWBy quote or online at purchaseAEDs.com
HeartSine Samaritan 350P Connected AED with Gateway350-STR-US-GWBy quote or online at purchaseAEDs.com



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