Super-Slim Case for HeartSine AEDs


NEW Super-Slim Case for HeartSine fits the HeartSine 350P, 360P, and 450P AEDs. It’s charcoal gray in color, well made and ideal for portable AED applications.

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HeartSine Samaritan AEDs come with mustard yellow carrying case, these are made by the manufacturer and included with the AED devices. In response to numerous customer requests we’ve designed an exclusive Super-Slim Case to give your Samaritan 350P, 360P, or 450Ps an outfit change.

The new design Super-Slim Case is charcoal gray in color, it has wonderful labeling distinguishing that it’s an AED Defibrillator and best of all it’s more compact and lighter for the lightest and smallest FDA approved AED in the Industry. It features an optional shoulder or backstrap and a stretchable back pocket for a PAD-PAK, Child PADPAK, your keys or smart phone.