What to do if you don’t have AEDs at work

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If you’re in a role of safety, operations, facilities, general management, security or HR and your organization doesn’t have AEDs it’s really an obligation to make a proposal.  AED One-Stop Shop and purchaseAEDs.com is here to help you.  That AEDs are not in your company’s policy isn’t a surprise because AEDs are only really about 20 years from launch.  To compound the issue there are misperceptions about these life-saving devices.  Some believe they aren’t safe but in reality they simply can’t deliver a shock to someone who’s not in sudden cardiac arrest.  Some believe their staff aren’t medical and thus couldn’t use a defibrillator but practically anyone could use these simple and straightforward devices.  And some are worried about exposing legal risk but inversely there’s likely more risk for those that don’t invest in AEDs as they are becoming standard of care for businesses, government, education and communities.

Here’s our recommendations:

  1. Start the chatter about AEDs with management and as part of any safety teams or committees.
  2. Share the statistics that Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the number cause for workplace fatality and that 1000 die each day in the U.S.
  3. Know the misperceptions and be ready to explain that AEDs are safe, easy-to-use, affordable and about Good Samaritan Laws. Look up the laws in your State here.
  4. Use the AED Buyer’s Guide from AED One-Stop Shop to help get a recommendation as to the perfect AED type.
  5. Use our product recommendation and accompanying quotes to officially propose the project to management and for budgeting
  6. Propose a comprehensive solution featuring AEDs, readiness software and CPR/AED training not just the devices themselves

Not every organization embraces workplace safety and some are clearly more proactive than others.  By asking questions, starting dialogue and provoking thought it will help your chances.  It’s not easy be a champion but if you are passionate and your argument is well put together it really is hard for management to say no to a program that protects human life.  Engage AED One-Stop Shop to help you make the proposal and we commit to supporting you with all the tools we have.  Email us at Sales@AEDOneStopShop.com.