Connected AEDs During COVID-19 Pandemic

ZOLL AED 3 coming soon from AED One-Stop Shop

  The World is stunned by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  For those in safety, human resources or risk management who manage AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) this poses some unforeseen difficulties.  How do you go about check AEDs when facilities aren’t open or operational?  How do you ensure that AEDs are ready to save a life?  How do you ensure the … Read More

AED Sentinel from AED One-Stop Shop

AED Sentinel from AED One-Stop Shop

AED One-Stop Shop & our sister site are proud to offer AED Sentinel as a National Authorized Distributor. AED Sentinel is a remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program. This technology-based system, designed and built by the leading authority in AED program compliance, provides the ultimate in ease of AED ownership. With AED Sentinel, AED program managers … Read More

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Readiness

How to use an AED

Are you ready? How do you know your AEDs will operate correctly when there’s an emergency and someone is down?  How do the you know the battery has enough life to turn on the device and deliver shocks if needed?  How do you know the pads haven’t dried out and that they aren’t expired?  The administrator of an AED program … Read More