Connected AEDs During COVID-19 Pandemic

ZOLL AED 3 coming soon from AED One-Stop Shop

The World is stunned by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  For those in safety, human resources or risk management who manage AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) this poses some unforeseen difficulties.  How do you go about check AEDs when facilities aren’t open or operational?  How do you ensure that AEDs are ready to save a life?  How do you ensure the AED pads and batteries are changed according to guidelines?

There is a new generation of AEDs hitting the US marketplace:  connected AEDs!  These Automated External Defibrillators have all the latest life-saving technology you might expect but they can also transmit their readiness status to AED readiness software.  Those with this type of technology from AED One-Stop Shop can be in complete compliance without relying upon humans to check the AEDs.

Here are a few notable technologies:

  1. LIFEPAK CR2 with AED These AEDs have phenomenal technology to include bilingual language, pediatric button, and WIFI connectivity.
  2. ZOLL AED 3 with AED PlusTrac. This AED has just received FDA approval in the US and this AED has a color screen, pediatric button, RealHelp CPR coaching a WIFI connectivity.
  3. HeartSine Samaritan Connected AEDs with AED LIFELINKentral. This is the World’s smallest current public access defibrillator, it’s easy-to-use and boasts WIFI connectivity using a Gateway device.

Customers with these solutions becoming raving fans because their AED program becomes automated and easy to manage.  What if you have older AEDs from Philips HeartStart, ZOLL, LIFEPAK, Cardiac Science Powerheart, or Defibtech Lifeline?  Perhaps you’re not in the market to swap and upgrade to a new type?  You’ll be pleased to hear AED One-Stop Shop and offers AED Sentinel.  This cellular cabinet-mounted hardware kit with pairs with Sentinel readiness software.  This clever technology reads your current AED’s readiness indicator and communicates it to the software using cellular.

AEDs have come a long way and we are thrilled to offer the most comprehensive connected offerings to help your organization protect those you love and care about.  Email or call 855-677-2337 with questions or for a proposal.