AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Readiness

How to use an AED

Are you ready?

How do you know your AEDs will operate correctly when there’s an emergency and someone is down?  How do the you know the battery has enough life to turn on the device and deliver shocks if needed?  How do you know the pads haven’t dried out and that they aren’t expired?  The administrator of an AED program should have systems in place to ensure the AEDs are inspected for readiness.  With lives on the line a system which features paper check tags is not sound enough.

Automate with readiness software

AED One-Stop Shop and recommends AED specific web-based software to manage the all-important AED checks.  In the early days of AEDs, customers often opted for service contracts where a technician would visit periodically to check the equipment.  The cost of these service contracts were significant and at the same time the AED manufacturers improved upon AED self-check features.  As a result, the industry has moved away from expensive technicians and service contracts to software which leverage an organization’s own people to check and document readiness.

Your software options

AED One-Stop Shop and purchaseAEDs.comare believers that if investing in life-saving devices one should couple them with readiness software.  Our top offerings for such software are AED LIFELINKcentral, AED PlusTrac and AED ARCH.  Your internal readiness team gets an email once a month (or more frequently) to check the AED and once they complete the visual audit they log the inspection.  Beyond this the software offers an easy way to manage consumables with expire such as batteries and pads.

AED Wireless technology

What’s next?  The next generation of AEDs are featuring WiFi and cellular communication.  This means rather than having your staff conduct the monthly audits the AEDs could communicate daily or even real-time if they change from ready to problematic.  We anticipate the ZOLL AED 3 and the LIFEPAK CR2 to boast such technology once approved by the FDA for distribution in the U.S.  AED One-Stop Shop and also will be offering AED Sentinel which is a cabinet-mounted communication device which can retrofit today’s AEDs with remote monitoring capabilities.

Your partners

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