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6 Reasons to Trust HeartSine Samaritan AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop

HeartSine is now a part of the Stryker/Physio-Control family of products.  The HeartSine Samaritan line of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are becoming increasingly popular due to a variety of reasons.

  1. HeartSine AEDs are affordable to buy. Their price point begins at about $1225 for the popular HeartSine Samaritan 350P Semi-Auto AED, and a little more for the 360P Fully-Auto AED and 450P CPR-coaching models
  2. HeartSine AEDs are economical to maintain. They use a combined electrode pad and battery called a PAD-PAK which are replaced just every 4-years.
  3. HeartSine AEDs are the smallest and most compact in the industry. These devices with just about 2.4 pounds and are particularly compact which makes them popular for many applications where a heavy AED device just won’t make sense.
  4. HeartSine AEDs have voice and visual prompts. If an environment is likely to be loud or noisy, visual prompts are very helpful to complement voice prompts.  The Samaritan AEDs have illuminating diagrams which help instruct the rescuer.
  5. HeartSine AEDs have great technology. The new Samaritan PAD 450P can determine the rate of CPR compressions being delivered and coach the responder to “push faster, push slower, or begin CPR” without any extra devices or specialty pads.
  6. Customers such as IKEA, Curves, Pfizer, American Airlines, Western Union, the Los Angeles Lakers and others have invested in HeartSine life-saving devices.

HeartSine Samaritan AEDs (350P, 360P, 450P and the older 300P versions) are offered in the United States by AED One-Stop Shop and  AED One-Stop Shop (as the name suggests) can help your company with not only the AEDs, but accessories like alarmed wall cabinets, signage, CPR/AED training classes, and everything you’d need to be compliant with the laws and mitigate legal risk. is our sister site for those who like to simply buy online and save money at the same time.  Call us at 855-677-2337 for a quote today.  Or here are a few special offers from to buy online today:

All of the above offers include the brand new AED complete with 8-year warranty, manual, medical prescriptions, PAD-PAKs, alarmed cabinets, and signs.  If you are a Federal customer, no problem AED One-Stop Shop is a SAM Vendor for easy-procurement through the System of Award Management.

5 Questions Answered about AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

Bravo for you interest in learning about AEDs, it could lead to a human life being saved!  Automated External Defibrillators are small and affordable devices that are so easy-to-use that an ordinary person could certainly use them to save a life.

  1. Question: Are AEDs safe to use and could you harm someone with one?  Answer:  The FDA approves these medical devices for public-use because they have a special algorithm that analyzes the victims heart beat and only delivers a defibrillation shock if someone absolutely needs it.  In short you can’t shock someone with a normal heart rhythm even if pads were on the chest and the rescuer were to push the shock button.
  2. Question: Do you need a medical prescription to buy an AED?  Answer:  Most AED manufacturers include a free prescription with the AED and others are so simple-to-use that a prescription is not required.  That said, it’s wise to look up your State AED Laws to see what’s required.
  3. Question: How much does an AED cost?  Answer:  Typical prices tend to range between about $1200 – $2800 for an AED but the more expensive ones are typically designed for professional rescuers.  Some AED suppliers have configured bundles which include an alarmed cabinet and signage because it’s important that AEDs are made visible and accessible within the workplace.
  4. Question: Are refurbished or recertified AEDs okay to buy?  As a general rule it’s wise to remind oneself that AEDs are designed to protect human lives.  The new AED market is much larger than the market for used devices because customers can be certain that the AED has passed quality assurance processes by the AED manufacturer.  The savings are likely not worth the risk that a refurbished AED dealer has performed a complete and thorough enough process for quality control.
  5. Question: Do employees need to be trained to use the AED in a rescue?  All major CPR curriculum like American Heart Association and American Red Cross include instruction in not only delivering CPR compressions but also how to use an AED.  Organizations are encouraged to incorporate CPR training & certification in their safety plans.  That said, there are many examples of lives being saved my lay-rescuers who aren’t CPR certified.

We certainly hope that you found these answers useful and should you have further questions about the differences between the AEDs or perhaps liability issues you can reach out to AED One-Stop Shop at 855-677-AEDS.  We utilize a more consultative approach than most and customers particularly love our AED Buyer’s Guide and online 12 question quiz to help pair customers with the ideal life-saving device.

Buy new Philips HeartStart AEDs with “SmartLink”

AED One-Stop Shop is quickly becoming a “go-to” for Automated External Defibrillators in the United States market.  Customers know they get expert consultation and guidance as to the right life-saving device(s) for their organization.  Furthermore buyers of AEDs know they get the latest defibrillator products available.  Introducing SmartLink Remote Monitoring for Philips HeartStart AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop.

SmartLink is a revolutionary new system that monitor the status of your Philips HeartStart AED.  It is wireless and connects over the mobile phone network. It also contains its own power source so you do not have to install anything or plug this unit into an outlet.  The SmartLink unit receives the results from the AED’s daily self-test and reports this through a cellular transmission.  Furthermore if an AED is used the SmartLink technology becomes aware that a rescue is in a process.  The possibilities of embracing the remote monitoring system are quite thought stimulating.

You receive a weekly status report for your AED and an immediate alert if the daily check shows any errors.  SmartLink is useful in all kinds of situations, whether you are planning a public access AED project, or have multiple AEDs across several different sites. In fact, it even works across different countries. SmartLink connects to multiple networks including AT&T and T-Mobile, therefore, offers extremely high availability.  SmartLink consists of just 2 components.  The SmartLink Module is battery powered and contains the analyzing software and the mobile network connectivity. The SmartLink Inlay monitors the AED by two different methods and is placed in the standard carrying case from Philips in the Space that was reserved for the spare pads.  A complimentary pads bag is delivered with each.

AED One-Stop Shop believes this technology can be a game-changer for the large Corporate or large Government customer who manages many AEDs but it certainly doesn’t rule out smaller deployments.  For more information or pricing on SmartLink for your HeartStart defibrillators call 855-677-2337 or email Sales@AEDOneStopShop.

Why to Buy Aeds?

An AED is an automated external defibrillator and these are designed so ordinary individuals like me and you can save a life.  If your role with your organization includes wellness, safety,  human resources or similar then you should explore investing in workplace defibrillators or AEDs.  These remarkable life-saving devices are designed for public-use with easy-to-follow voice and visual prompts for the rescuer.  AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are extremely safe because of design features which will ensure that a shock is delivered only when needed.  In other words you simply can’t harm someone with a public defibrillator

Buying workplace AEDs and implementing CPR/AED training is perhaps the most significant investment you can make.  AEDs help to protect lives from cardiac arrests and make an obvious statement that you care about the wellbeing of your employees, customers and visitors.

So where should one buy an AED from?  AED One-Stop Shop is fast becoming the “go to” for consultation, guidance, selection and purchase of these life-saving devices.  AED One-Stop Shop’s professionals guide their customers to the right AED for their particular need.  There are about 6 brands of public defibrillator available in the U.S. and AED One-Stop Shop carries the leading brands and models.

Here’s a short video on the AED One-Stop Shop official site or here’s a link to the video on YouTube.  Once you’ve viewed the short video perhaps you can try a few of these useful links.

  1. What is an AED?
  2. How to use an AED
  3. Pediatric AED
  4. AED Buyers Questionnaire (online)
  5. AED Buyer’s Guide (pdf)

Thanks for reading this article.  We’d like to think that our resources could lead to human lives being saved.  If you have questions please call us 855-677-2337 and we’ll be very glad to assist you.

Did You Know That Automated External Defibrillators Aren’t All The Same?

AED One-Stop Shop is rapidly expanding for a number of reasons but most importantly, our attention to our customers’ expressed needs is the most important factor that makes us successful. The majority of businesses know that consumers like to be understood and that vendor and supplier quality is of the utmost importance.

Due to our business consisting of devices and services related to lifesaving automatic external defibrillators, we have expert staff who understand that excellent quality and ease of use of an AED is really a matter of life and death.

We appreciate that our consultative approach is welcome with potential and actual customers who want to understand more about AEDs. As our name One-Stop Shop states, customers can find solutions for equipment, training, and management conveniently with us.

We proudly offer our valued customers the option of choosing from trusted AED leading brands including HeartSine, ZOLL, Defibtech, LIFEPAK and Philips. We specialize in providing AEDs for workplaces, public safety, and communities without straying into related safety equipment categories. This allows us to have an advantage that’s unique for AED sales because our expert staff are able to focus solely on world-class industry knowledge and support.

Let us help you find the right AED devices suitable for your setting and appropriate for your employees and/or the general public. A number of features and price points vary in the choices of automated external defibrillators such as ease of use, voice prompting, visual indicators, core technology, durability and in readiness device testing.

The costs involved are minimal compared to the lives saved from AEDs. Average device prices ($1,500) are affordable as are the batteries and replaceable pads. We urge you to speak with one of our experts because not all AEDs are the same.

You are welcome to contact One-Stop Shop by calling us at 1-855-677-AEDS or e-mail us at Experience our consultative business model where we place great importance on serving you with friendly and ethical sales professionals.

Which AED Machine Should We Buy?

Between AED One-Stop Shop “the consultative model” AED Supplier and our partner “the e-commerce model” Online AED Store there are many resources available to help you determine which AED(s) to select and buy.  An AED is actually not a machine but rather it’s a simple-to-use device designed for the everyday person to become a life-saver.  Next know that they are NOT all the same.  They vary subtly in some aspects and in others they vary very dramatically.  We are the experts who guide you to select the perfect AED Defibrillator for your church, home, school, swimming pool, government facilities, corporate workplace and more.

Here are a few AED selection resources that you might find helpful:

  • The Online Survey. This is a simple 12 question multiple choice survey in which you as the AED buyer rate the level of importance for each of 12 product attributes.  Once you’ve answered each of the questions (or at least as many as you can) then fill out your name, email, and a brief message to us and we’ll come back with an honest and expert recommendation or two.  Isn’t that easy?
  • How to Use an AED. This is a straightforward step-by-step guide as to how to use a public defibrillator with description and pictures.  Glancing over this page will help you understand how to operate an AED of any kind and furthermore it may help you distinguish a key product feature or two which you might find more imporese are wonderful resources for you to utilize to help guide you to the right AED make and model.  But perhaps you’ve got questions about whether you need Medical Direction and prescription or what you’ll need to lessen any legal risk.  Just call 855-677-2337 and we’ll help you.  These actions today might help save the life of someone you care about.tant than others.
  • What is an AED? This again is a simple read which outlines what an Automated External Defibrillator is and does. One important feature that your organization must be crystal clear on is that an AED is safe in that it cannot deliver a shock to someone who’s not in Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  A firm understanding of ease-of-use and product safety is imperative to an employee actually using the AED in an emergency.
  • The Workplace & Community Bundle. It’s sometimes difficult enough to determine whether you want a Philips, Defibtech, Cardiac Science, ZOLL, HeartSine or LIFEPAK brand device, never mind all the equipment that you’ll need too.  The Workplace & Community Bundle from makes it simple by packaging all the gear you need into one and at one affordable price.
  • AED One-Stop Shop Video. It’s likely clear already that we are the “partner” you’re seeking to help create an AED program for your organization, but if you need more assurance watch this video.  We care about every customer large and small and realize that every AED we supply could just lead to a valuable life being saved.

You’ll likely agree that that these are wonderful resources for you to utilize to help guide you to the right AED make and model.  But perhaps you’ve got questions about whether you need Medical Direction and prescription or what you’ll need to lessen any legal risk.  Just call 855-677-2337 and we’ll help you.  These actions today might help save the life of someone you care about.

AED Selection & Buying

Selecting the right Automated External Defibrillator for your workplace, school, church, community, vehicle or building is not an easy task.  Which brand and model do you buy?  The most affordable?  The most expensive since it’s a life-saving device?  The easiest-to-use?  The latest technology?  The most durable and rugged?  The smallest and most compact?  The answer is you find the one that fits your selection criteria the most closely.

The consultative business model:  AED One-Stop Shop.

AED One-Stop Shop is a National AED Multi-Brand Supplier and here we differentiate ourselves on consultation and support.  Our most common customer type is one who knows they want AED defibrillators but struggle in determining which one(s) to buy.  The fact we carry leading brands like ZOLL, HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Defibtech and Philips helps tremendously.  We can determine which brand and then particular model best suits the specific need.  Furthermore, since we drop ship the product from the manufacturer and don’t maintain inventory we can remain most unbiased and are not influenced by being overstocked on an AED type.  We pride ourselves on the way we help make the complex become simple and the care that we treat our customers with.  Call 855-677-AEDs or email for a free consultation and to have your every question answered by an industry expert.

The ecommerce business model:

As consumers of any product these days sometimes we want to talk and ask questions and other times we just want to buy quickly and efficiently online.  Believe it or not, AEDs are becoming considered more of a commodity these days and these life-saving devices are frequently bought through ecommerce sites.  The problem is that most such sites are difficult to navigate and it’s hard to make a decision as to product type and model.  Enter  This new-comer in the business is perhaps the easiest to get around and navigate.  On page one of the site there are Workplace & Community AED Bundles which are preconfigured product packages with everything one would need to save a life.  Hover over a product image and the image flips to reveal a short summary of what the item is in simple terms.  Shop now to see how easy AED buying can be.

Whether you know what you want or whether you need help, one of these two trusted brands can help you.  But please don’t delay in making this critical investment in safety.

Samaritan PAD 350P AED

The Samaritan PAD is a Public Access Defibrillator and this small and lightweight brand of life-saving devices are gaining popularity.  HeartSine is Ireland-based and their technology is appealing to corporations, government, law enforcement and even the home and outdoors markets.

One of the top consideration for any AED buyer is that the device be straightforward and simple-to-use.  The prompts are certainly user-friendly featuring easy-to understand visual and voice prompts that guide a user through the process, including CPR coaching.  Three large, easy-to-see icons facilitate the rescue process: “Attach pads,” “Do not touch the patient,” and “It is safe to touch the patient”.  Visual prompts are important in tandem with voice commands in the event it’s a noisy environment.

The Samaritan PAD is compact in size but big on ability.  At only 2.4 lbs it weighs less and is up to 56% smaller than other portable defibrillators.  The HeartSine AED defibrillator has a rating of IP56, providing the 350P defibrillator with the highest level of protection from dust or moisture ingress in the industry.

And as far as life-saving technology, the devices uses proprietary electrode design, and it delivers therapy with SCOPE biphasic waveform which combines escalating energy with low-energy using technology and automatically adjusts for different patient types.

Whether an AED purchase is large or small initial cost and ongoing maintenance costs usually come into play and general consideration.  HeartSine AEDs have an affordable price point when purchased from AED One-Stop Shop.  Furthermore, because of a combined battery and pad system called a PAD-PAK the general cost of ownership is quite affordable.  The PAD-PAK has just one expiration and these are replaced just every 4-years.

To discuss the merits of this AED type and whether it’s a fit for your organization email us at or call us at 855-OSS-AEDS.  We’ll complete a free needs assessment to determine if the HeartSine Samaritan AED would be ideal to create a “heart safe environment” at your workplace or public place.