Did You Know That Automated External Defibrillators Aren’t All The Same?

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AED One-Stop Shop is rapidly expanding for a number of reasons but most importantly, our attention to our customers’ expressed needs is the most important factor that makes us successful. The majority of businesses know that consumers like to be understood and that vendor and supplier quality is of the utmost importance.

Due to our business consisting of devices and services related to lifesaving automatic external defibrillators, we have expert staff who understand that excellent quality and ease of use of an AED is really a matter of life and death.

We appreciate that our consultative approach is welcome with potential and actual customers who want to understand more about AEDs. As our name One-Stop Shop states, customers can find solutions for equipment, training, and management conveniently with us.

We proudly offer our valued customers the option of choosing from trusted AED leading brands including HeartSine, ZOLL, Defibtech, LIFEPAK and Philips. We specialize in providing AEDs for workplaces, public safety, and communities without straying into related safety equipment categories. This allows us to have an advantage that’s unique for AED sales because our expert staff are able to focus solely on world-class industry knowledge and support.

Let us help you find the right AED devices suitable for your setting and appropriate for your employees and/or the general public. A number of features and price points vary in the choices of automated external defibrillators such as ease of use, voice prompting, visual indicators, core technology, durability and in readiness device testing.

The costs involved are minimal compared to the lives saved from AEDs. Average device prices ($1,500) are affordable as are the batteries and replaceable pads. We urge you to speak with one of our experts because not all AEDs are the same.

You are welcome to contact One-Stop Shop by calling us at 1-855-677-AEDS or e-mail us at Sales@AEDOneStopShop.com. Experience our consultative business model where we place great importance on serving you with friendly and ethical sales professionals.