Buy new Philips HeartStart AEDs with “SmartLink”


AED One-Stop Shop is quickly becoming a “go-to” for Automated External Defibrillators in the United States market.  Customers know they get expert consultation and guidance as to the right life-saving device(s) for their organization.  Furthermore buyers of AEDs know they get the latest defibrillator products available.  Introducing SmartLink Remote Monitoring for Philips HeartStart AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop.

SmartLink is a revolutionary new system that monitor the status of your Philips HeartStart AED.  It is wireless and connects over the mobile phone network. It also contains its own power source so you do not have to install anything or plug this unit into an outlet.  The SmartLink unit receives the results from the AED’s daily self-test and reports this through a cellular transmission.  Furthermore if an AED is used the SmartLink technology becomes aware that a rescue is in a process.  The possibilities of embracing the remote monitoring system are quite thought stimulating.

You receive a weekly status report for your AED and an immediate alert if the daily check shows any errors.  SmartLink is useful in all kinds of situations, whether you are planning a public access AED project, or have multiple AEDs across several different sites. In fact, it even works across different countries. SmartLink connects to multiple networks including AT&T and T-Mobile, therefore, offers extremely high availability.  SmartLink consists of just 2 components.  The SmartLink Module is battery powered and contains the analyzing software and the mobile network connectivity. The SmartLink Inlay monitors the AED by two different methods and is placed in the standard carrying case from Philips in the Space that was reserved for the spare pads.  A complimentary pads bag is delivered with each.

AED One-Stop Shop believes this technology can be a game-changer for the large Corporate or large Government customer who manages many AEDs but it certainly doesn’t rule out smaller deployments.  For more information or pricing on SmartLink for your HeartStart defibrillators call 855-677-2337 or email Sales@AEDOneStopShop.