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5 Reasons for ZOLL AEDs for Workplace & Community

Selecting the right Automated External Defibrillators to protect ones most valuable assets, people, is an important decision.  An AED can literally bring back a victim of cardiac arrest from death.  But this miraculous rescue can only be performed if the responder can operate the AED, place the pads correctly, and perform effective CPR.  For schools, universities, corporations, government, fire departments, law enforcement, churches and other public settings the ZOLL AED Plus is a very suitable choice.  Here’s some reasons why:

  1. ZOLL AEDs are easy-to-use. They are straightforward to power on, the patented CPR-D Padz are one piece so they can’t be placed incorrectly on the chest, and the visual diagrams enhance usability.
  2. ZOLL AEDs coach the responder through CPR. The specially designed accelerometer in the middle of the chest can gauge the rate and depth of chest compressions and in real-time can prompt the rescuer to “push harder.”
  3. ZOLL AEDs are economical to maintain. These AEDs feature over the counter batteries which are affordable to buy and the CPR-D Padz last for an industry high 5-years.
  4. ZOLL AEDs can save a life without a shock button. The fully-automatic version doesn’t require that the rescuer have to make a decision whether to push the button instead it automatically delivers the life-saving therapy.
  5. ZOLL products have advanced technology. The ZOLL AED Plus is remarkably rich with features and new products may be available in the U.S. soon.

AED One-Stop Shop is an authorized national ZOLL distributor.  As the name “One-Stop Shop” suggests we can provide your organization with everything needed to protect lives:  ZOLL AEDs, ZOLL pads and batteries, En-Pro PlusTrac, and CPR/AED training.  Our sister brand,, offers ZOLL products for those who prefer to buy online.  If you are budgeting or would like a formal quote email or call us at 855-677-AEDS.

ZOLL AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop

What makes the bright green ZOLL AEDs so unique other than their color? In short it’s the incredible technology that’s packed into the ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator. Those in the medical field or in emergency medical services likely know the ZOLL brand well because they’ve been successful in these markets for years and they’ve earned a great reputation and trust.
In the world of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) ZOLL has a huge following too. ZOLL AED Plus devices protect lives in schools, universities, homes, businesses, government, law enforcement, fire departments, churches, gyms and more. Some of the features that drive this massive adoption include:

– Rugged AED Design
– Plenty of visual prompt (diagrams, led lights, text screen)
– Real time CPR coaching
– Escalating energy defibrillation
– Automatic shock delivery option
– Low cost of ownership
– Pads with long expiration life
– Consumer type batteries
– Included accessories

AED One-Stop Shop is an authorized national ZOLL distributor. Read more about the ZOLL brand on our site and if you haven’t seen our AED Buyer’s Guide you should check out this free tool for AED selection. We are up to date with all the latest technology but we love and appreciate speaking with our customers over the phone, call us today at 855-677-2337 with any question. If you prefer to buy on line, we offer a complete ZOLL bundle with AED, batteries, pads, carry case, response kit, cabinet, and sign for just $1749.00 on sale.

Purchase AEDs from the top brands of the Industry

For those who have made the very smart decision to invest in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) there are many considerations for where to buy and what to buy. AED One-Stop Shop is incredibly popular because we stand out in the sea of online sellers. Customers typically need help determining which AED type to buy. Here’s a few of the most popular types:
– Philips HeartStart – small, portable and easy-to-use
– Powerheart – rugged and packed with great features
– LIFEPAK – one of the fastest AED types to use in an emergency
– HeartSine – compact, light and very economic
– ZOLL – simple and straightforward to use with many great features
– Defibtech – from economic to the very advanced with a screen
The brand of AED and model of AED can actually play an important role in whether human life is saved or not, it’s really very critical. There’s no substitute for speaking to someone with the knowledge and experience to guide an AED buyer. AED One-Stop Shop uses a very consultative approach to the way we do business and we are truly experts at what we do.
Beyond device selection, we help our clients with CPR/AED training to accompany the AEDs, program management for compliance and readiness, and even accessories like cabinets and good signage. Many times customers have questions about the laws in their state, in which case this clickable U.S. map is a useful resource. Medical Direction & Oversight is often a tricky subject and it’s important to know what this means and how it’s different from a Medical Prescription.
In short, if you know exactly what you want and need then an ecommerce provider is just fine. Our partner site to buy online is For those, however, who need some help and guidance AED One-Stop Shop is the perfect AED vendor and supplier. Call us at 855-677-2337 or email us at

ZOLL AED Plus and Visual Prompting

The ZOLL AED Plus has enjoyed enormous success in the U.S. and these life-saving devices have been placed in schools, communities and workplaces.  ZOLL automated external defibrillators have some key functions that contribute to their popularity particularly in the area of ease-of-use.  Customers that seek public defibrillators often rank simplicity the number one consideration for their selection.

The ZOLL AED Plus ranks high in the category of ease because it pairs great voice prompts with some of the industry’s best visual prompts.  Consider the scene where someone has suddenly dropped and likely is in sudden cardiac arrest, this scene is loud and chaotic.  Without outstanding visual prompts or indicators a responder who can’t hear the voice prompts can become lost in the rescue.  ZOLL AEDs have a clear text screen which displays commands, length of rescue and number of shocks delivered.  Furthermore there are diagrams while highlight the following steps:

  • Check for responsiveness
  • Call 911
  • Place pads on the chest
  • Stand back from the patient
  • Begin delivering CPR

Each visual diagram have a light or indicator which is illuminated to demonstrate the current command.  These visual indicators are thoughtful additions to the device’s design and overall usability.  A sudden cardiac arrest can be noisy in any public setting and thus these features are a huge plus for first responders like fire departments, ems, and law enforcement.

ZOLL AEDs also boast real time CPR coaching which prompt rescuers to deliver CPR compressions harder or lighter and fast or slower.  These prompts are displayed as commands on the test screen and furthermore compression depth is measured and displayed on the right side of the screen.  These features are unique to ZOLL and add considerably to ease-of-use.

If you are seeking to protect lives at your organization do consider ZOLL and do consider buying them from AED One-Stop Shop.  Check our site ZOLL from AED One-Stop Shop at or call us at 855-677-2337.

Are AEDs All The Same? Not At All.

AED One-Stop Shop is growing rapidly for numerous reasons, but perhaps above all things it’s that we take a deep dive into customers’ expressed needs.  It likely holds true in most business that consumers like to be heard and they seek vendors and suppliers who are in tune with their needs.  When it comes to selecting a life-saving, life-protecting piece of medical equipment such as a public defibrillator or AED, a consultative approach is certainly welcomed by our prospects.  For more on what we do, see our site

The “One-Stop Shop” in our company name refers to the fact that customers can find solutions for equipment, training, and management from a single provider.  Furthermore our customers get to shop the leading AED brands and device types with a single call to one of our product experts.  By carrying trusted leading brands like HeartSine, ZOLL, Defibtech, LIFEPAK and Philips we are proud to offer variety.  We, however, specialize in AEDs for workplaces, public safety, and communities only and don’t stray into related safety equipment categories.  This means we offer unique specialization and world class industry knowledge and support.

Whether your interest is to protect lives in a school setting or for government buildings, we’ll find the right product for you.  Whether you’re protecting workplace employees or the general public, we will propose the ideal AED device you need.  Automated External Defibrillators vary widely in ease-of-use, voice prompting, visual indicators, core technology, durability, and in readiness-testing too.  Cost certainly varies for AED devices and the average prices for their batteries and pads which are replaced periodically.

Our point here is that once you make the choice to invest in safety and protect lives with AEDs, one should put careful consideration into which AED type to select.  Don’t make the common mistake of buying based primarily on price.  Don’t just take a recommendation from someone who has AEDs, because perhaps their decision wasn’t well-thought out.  We would urge you to call the experts.  Contact AED One-Stop Shop by emailing or by calling 855-677-AEDs.  Experience our consultative business model and friendly and ethical sales professionals.