ZOLL AED Plus and Visual Prompting


The ZOLL AED Plus has enjoyed enormous success in the U.S. and these life-saving devices have been placed in schools, communities and workplaces.  ZOLL automated external defibrillators have some key functions that contribute to their popularity particularly in the area of ease-of-use.  Customers that seek public defibrillators often rank simplicity the number one consideration for their selection.

The ZOLL AED Plus ranks high in the category of ease because it pairs great voice prompts with some of the industry’s best visual prompts.  Consider the scene where someone has suddenly dropped and likely is in sudden cardiac arrest, this scene is loud and chaotic.  Without outstanding visual prompts or indicators a responder who can’t hear the voice prompts can become lost in the rescue.  ZOLL AEDs have a clear text screen which displays commands, length of rescue and number of shocks delivered.  Furthermore there are diagrams while highlight the following steps:

  • Check for responsiveness
  • Call 911
  • Place pads on the chest
  • Stand back from the patient
  • Begin delivering CPR

Each visual diagram have a light or indicator which is illuminated to demonstrate the current command.  These visual indicators are thoughtful additions to the device’s design and overall usability.  A sudden cardiac arrest can be noisy in any public setting and thus these features are a huge plus for first responders like fire departments, ems, and law enforcement.

ZOLL AEDs also boast real time CPR coaching which prompt rescuers to deliver CPR compressions harder or lighter and fast or slower.  These prompts are displayed as commands on the test screen and furthermore compression depth is measured and displayed on the right side of the screen.  These features are unique to ZOLL and add considerably to ease-of-use.

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