Purchase AEDs from the top brands of the Industry

AED Brands

For those who have made the very smart decision to invest in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) there are many considerations for where to buy and what to buy. AED One-Stop Shop is incredibly popular because we stand out in the sea of online sellers. Customers typically need help determining which AED type to buy. Here’s a few of the most popular types:
– Philips HeartStart – small, portable and easy-to-use
– Powerheart – rugged and packed with great features
– LIFEPAK – one of the fastest AED types to use in an emergency
– HeartSine – compact, light and very economic
– ZOLL – simple and straightforward to use with many great features
– Defibtech – from economic to the very advanced with a screen
The brand of AED and model of AED can actually play an important role in whether human life is saved or not, it’s really very critical. There’s no substitute for speaking to someone with the knowledge and experience to guide an AED buyer. AED One-Stop Shop uses a very consultative approach to the way we do business and we are truly experts at what we do.
Beyond device selection, we help our clients with CPR/AED training to accompany the AEDs, program management for compliance and readiness, and even accessories like cabinets and good signage. Many times customers have questions about the laws in their state, in which case this clickable U.S. map is a useful resource. Medical Direction & Oversight is often a tricky subject and it’s important to know what this means and how it’s different from a Medical Prescription.
In short, if you know exactly what you want and need then an ecommerce provider is just fine. Our partner site to buy online is PurchaseAEDs.com. For those, however, who need some help and guidance AED One-Stop Shop is the perfect AED vendor and supplier. Call us at 855-677-2337 or email us at Sales@AEDOneStopShop.com.