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Aren’t All AEDs The Same?

There are six major brands of Automated External Defibrillators approved by the FDA to be supplied to workplaces and communities in the United States.  There’s a fairly common misperception that they’re all the same.  The commonalities of the AEDs are as follows:

  • All AEDs are safe, they deliver a shock only when the ECG analysis determines that it is needed
  • All AEDs have voice prompts which tell the responder what to do to revive the victim
  • All AEDs deliver a biphasic shock to the victim which has been proven to be effective in stopping the heart’s arrhythmia in hopes it might resume normal heart function

That’s about where the similarities end.  AEDs vary dramatically in their size, weight, color, features, battery type, electrode pad type, their ease-of-use features, their visual prompts, the energy they deliver, how they’re turned on, whether they have a shock button, whether they coach for CPR and there are many more differentiators.

AED One-Stop Shop is the National AED Supplier focused upon making workplace, schools, and communities safer.  AED One-Stop Shop has all the answers as to which life-saving public defibrillator is most suitable for various organizations.  We use a quite unique consultative model and tools such as the AED Buyer’s Guide to help our customers to truly determine which AEDs best suit their need.  This decision is much more than the cheapest initial price tag and much more than looking at the ongoing cost of replacement batteries and pads.  In World which so commonly has consumers buying things online we still highly encourage a conversation to discuss this safety initiative because after all there are human lives on the line.  The decision of which AED to buy could actually mean that one day your friend, colleague, spouse, stranger, teacher, or student could be saved and given another chance at life.  Most AED company websites are confusing, they are crowded with products and customers find themselves price shopping.  AED One-Stop Shop is different, there are no prices, no special offers, no shopping carts but rather rich information and a friendly professional waiting to speak with you when you call 855-677-2337.  Call us today, whether your question is about product features, pricing, liability, CPR training or compliance with laws in your State.  Can’t talk at this moment?  Then email us at and we’ll be prompt, professional and informative with our reply.

Philips OnSite AED

For years customers have trusted the remarkably easy-to-use Philips OnSite AED to protect lives.  It has other names that it’s known by like the Philips HeartStart OnSite, the Philips Home Defibrillator or the HeartStart HS1 but it’s essentially the same life-saving device.

Why is this Automated External Defibrillator so popular for corporate workplace, schools, churches, government facilities, gyms and more?

  • SIZE: The OnSite Defibrillator is quite small in size which makes it portable and easy to pack in a rescue bag or on a wall in a small sized AED cabinet or bracket.
  • AFFORDABILITY: The HS1 is the most economical of the Philips HeartStart Defibrillator machines which adds to the attraction.
  • COST OF OWNERSHIP: Beyond the initial investment in any AED device one must invest periodically in batteries and pads.  Philips has a very cost-efficient AED battery which is budget friendly as are the adult and pediatric electrode pads.
  • TRAINING: Many customers aren’t aware but if you buy special SMART training pads they can be inserted into a live Philips AED to convert it into a training AED for classroom employee training.
  • EASE-OF-USE: The voice prompts on the HeartStart OnSite are particularly straightforward and easy to follow.  The prompts even repeat or change if the responder is slow to act, these intuitive prompts really make a difference in a rescue situation.

At AED One-Stop Shop it’s our goal to pair our customers with the right AED for their needs.  The Philips OnSite isn’t for every customer but it is certainly frequent consumer choice.  The AED effectively balances a nice price with a more than fair price point and Philips technology behind the device is something to admire.

Visit us at AED One-Stop Shop to learn more about our consultative sales model. Visit Philips HeartStart to learn about the brand.  And try our free online AED Buyer’s Guide which is a quick 12 question survey which helps customers land on the right life-saving AED machine for their needs.  Call us anytime at 855-677-2337 to chat about public defibrillators or at least get a quote.

Which AED Machine Should We Buy?

Between AED One-Stop Shop “the consultative model” AED Supplier and our partner “the e-commerce model” Online AED Store there are many resources available to help you determine which AED(s) to select and buy.  An AED is actually not a machine but rather it’s a simple-to-use device designed for the everyday person to become a life-saver.  Next know that they are NOT all the same.  They vary subtly in some aspects and in others they vary very dramatically.  We are the experts who guide you to select the perfect AED Defibrillator for your church, home, school, swimming pool, government facilities, corporate workplace and more.

Here are a few AED selection resources that you might find helpful:

  • The Online Survey. This is a simple 12 question multiple choice survey in which you as the AED buyer rate the level of importance for each of 12 product attributes.  Once you’ve answered each of the questions (or at least as many as you can) then fill out your name, email, and a brief message to us and we’ll come back with an honest and expert recommendation or two.  Isn’t that easy?
  • How to Use an AED. This is a straightforward step-by-step guide as to how to use a public defibrillator with description and pictures.  Glancing over this page will help you understand how to operate an AED of any kind and furthermore it may help you distinguish a key product feature or two which you might find more imporese are wonderful resources for you to utilize to help guide you to the right AED make and model.  But perhaps you’ve got questions about whether you need Medical Direction and prescription or what you’ll need to lessen any legal risk.  Just call 855-677-2337 and we’ll help you.  These actions today might help save the life of someone you care about.tant than others.
  • What is an AED? This again is a simple read which outlines what an Automated External Defibrillator is and does. One important feature that your organization must be crystal clear on is that an AED is safe in that it cannot deliver a shock to someone who’s not in Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  A firm understanding of ease-of-use and product safety is imperative to an employee actually using the AED in an emergency.
  • The Workplace & Community Bundle. It’s sometimes difficult enough to determine whether you want a Philips, Defibtech, Cardiac Science, ZOLL, HeartSine or LIFEPAK brand device, never mind all the equipment that you’ll need too.  The Workplace & Community Bundle from makes it simple by packaging all the gear you need into one and at one affordable price.
  • AED One-Stop Shop Video. It’s likely clear already that we are the “partner” you’re seeking to help create an AED program for your organization, but if you need more assurance watch this video.  We care about every customer large and small and realize that every AED we supply could just lead to a valuable life being saved.

You’ll likely agree that that these are wonderful resources for you to utilize to help guide you to the right AED make and model.  But perhaps you’ve got questions about whether you need Medical Direction and prescription or what you’ll need to lessen any legal risk.  Just call 855-677-2337 and we’ll help you.  These actions today might help save the life of someone you care about.

AED Easy To Use

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillators though the name sounds complex, these life-saving devices are remarkably easy-to-use.  Since the inception of the small, portable medical devices their manufacturers like HeartSine, ZOLL, Philips and LIFEPAK have been striving to improve usability.  These strides in technology are being made not so much with professionals in mind like Firefighter/EMTs or nurses but instead lay rescuers and everyday people like you and I.

The manufacturers are targeting the public with their enhanced product features and general technology because AEDs are frequently being placed in locations such as these:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants and retailers
  • Sporting and convention venues
  • Malls and shopping
  • Airports and airplanes
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Swimming pools and aquatic centers
  • Office workplaces
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Government buildings

So what contributes to whether an AED or public defibrillator is easy-to-use or not?

It begins with the voice prompts and how clear are they, how intuitive are they, how descriptive are they, do they prompt for calling 9-1-1, do they prompt through CPR, do they adapt if necessary.

Next are the visual prompts which help complement the voice prompts.  Are there diagrams or images, are there illuminating lights, is there a text screen, is there a video screen, do the visual prompts help the correct placement of pads, do the prompts help with the delivery of CPR.

There are two ways to accurately assess which ease-of-use features and benefits best fit your organization’s specific need and application:  extensive research or professional consultation.  Some organizations assemble task forces to weigh the product and vendor choices, although this is costly and time-extensive.  For professional consultation some organizations ask their local fire department and although that’s a good start, FDs often simply recommend the particular brand of defibrillator that they’re most comfortable with rather than the device type that best fits need.

AED One-Stop Shop offers answers.  We are a Nationally-recognized leader in Public Access Defibrillation programs.  We offer 5 leading brands of AED devices along with CPR/AED training and AED Program Management.  In other words, we offer a complete solution featuring the right AED type, right training, and right management of the program beyond the initial purchase.  This way an entity is most prepared when the worst thing happens.  Visit or call 855-677-2337 to learn more about how we can help your organization get prepared.