Aren’t All AEDs The Same?

ZOLL fully automatic AED

There are six major brands of Automated External Defibrillators approved by the FDA to be supplied to workplaces and communities in the United States.  There’s a fairly common misperception that they’re all the same.  The commonalities of the AEDs are as follows:

  • All AEDs are safe, they deliver a shock only when the ECG analysis determines that it is needed
  • All AEDs have voice prompts which tell the responder what to do to revive the victim
  • All AEDs deliver a biphasic shock to the victim which has been proven to be effective in stopping the heart’s arrhythmia in hopes it might resume normal heart function

That’s about where the similarities end.  AEDs vary dramatically in their size, weight, color, features, battery type, electrode pad type, their ease-of-use features, their visual prompts, the energy they deliver, how they’re turned on, whether they have a shock button, whether they coach for CPR and there are many more differentiators.

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