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The AED Buyer’s Guide from AED One-Stop Shop

Do you know about AEDs?  Are you aware that you are at a significant risk of losing a life without one?

Millions of organizations like corporations, school districts, universities, government entities have chosen to make the conscientious decision to protect human life with public defibrillators or AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators.)  Still millions of organizations have not yet included AEDs and CPR training into their safety protocols leaving their employees, customers and visitors at risk to the Nation’s biggest killer, Sudden Cardiac Arrest death.

AEDs are safe to use since they analyze heart rhythms and only deliver a shock to someone who needs one.  AEDs are easy-to-use as they have voice and visual prompts which guide the rescuer as to how to save a life and even how to do CPR.  AEDs are designed to be simple and straightforward whether the rescuer is a professional like an EMT, nurse or police officer or an ordinary person or lay-rescuer.  Today’s CPR curriculum features instruction on AEDs so an individual or organization can be trained on how to do CPR, use the AED and perform general first aid.  Use of AEDs are also included in State Good Samaritan Laws which limits or eliminates legal risk for having and using public defibrillators.

What type of AED should you buy?  Do you purchase the cheapest one or the most expensive one?  At AED One-Stop Shop we believe the initial price of the AED and the cost of ownership of the replacement pads and batteries are only one of the criteria an AED buyer should consider.  So what else should you be considering?  Here’s our 12 items of recommended consideration:

  1. Price and Initial Cost
  2. CPR Prompts
  3. Cost of Ownership
  4. Ease-of-Use & Usability
  5. Visual Prompts
  6. Fully-Automatic vs. Semi-Auto Shock Delivery
  7. Size, Shape & Weight
  8. Ruggedness & Durability
  9. Water & Dust Resiliency
  10. Reliability & Warranty
  11. Defibrillation Technology
  12. Advance ECG Functionality


From these 12 criteria an AED expert at AED One-Stop Shop can determine the ideal AED device type for your consideration.  It’s our belief that having the right AED type for your workplace, community or public setting can play a significant role in saving a life.  Please see our AED Buyer’s Guide here and simply answer the questions, scan your copy and email it to to get a professional recommendation.  You may also enjoy our ecommerce site which is a very easy-to-navigate site which helps you select and buy the right AED for your home or place of work.

Purchase AEDs from the top brands of the Industry

For those who have made the very smart decision to invest in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) there are many considerations for where to buy and what to buy. AED One-Stop Shop is incredibly popular because we stand out in the sea of online sellers. Customers typically need help determining which AED type to buy. Here’s a few of the most popular types:
– Philips HeartStart – small, portable and easy-to-use
– Powerheart – rugged and packed with great features
– LIFEPAK – one of the fastest AED types to use in an emergency
– HeartSine – compact, light and very economic
– ZOLL – simple and straightforward to use with many great features
– Defibtech – from economic to the very advanced with a screen
The brand of AED and model of AED can actually play an important role in whether human life is saved or not, it’s really very critical. There’s no substitute for speaking to someone with the knowledge and experience to guide an AED buyer. AED One-Stop Shop uses a very consultative approach to the way we do business and we are truly experts at what we do.
Beyond device selection, we help our clients with CPR/AED training to accompany the AEDs, program management for compliance and readiness, and even accessories like cabinets and good signage. Many times customers have questions about the laws in their state, in which case this clickable U.S. map is a useful resource. Medical Direction & Oversight is often a tricky subject and it’s important to know what this means and how it’s different from a Medical Prescription.
In short, if you know exactly what you want and need then an ecommerce provider is just fine. Our partner site to buy online is For those, however, who need some help and guidance AED One-Stop Shop is the perfect AED vendor and supplier. Call us at 855-677-2337 or email us at

The Importance of Community Access to Automated External Defibrillators.

Approximately 1,000 Americans lose their lives every day to sudden and tragic cardiac arrest. This is one of the nation’s leading causes of death. This serious cardiac event affects men, women and children. Fortunately, many communities have invested in public access to automated external defibrillators as public knowledge about cardiac arrest increases.

Responsible individuals including emergency managers, risk managers, human resources staff and safety officers are increasingly investing in easy-to-use and publically accessible AEDS. During the fifteen years that these devices have been available, steady technological advances have made them easier to use and to afford with the average cost of a device priced at approximately $1500.

Misconceptions about AEDs still exist concerning who may use them, their safety level and their cost. As public service buildings increase public accessibility to AEDs in cities, villages, townships, counties and within the state government, employees and visitors have an increased chance of survival should sudden cardiac arrest occur.

AEDs are commonly located in parks and recreation departments, city halls, courthouses, pools, libraries, schools, and electric utilities. Emergency vehicle personnel from police and fire departments have AEDs on hand to quickly save lives.

AED One-Stop Shop specializes in these lifesaving devices for public availability. We help with consultations and with creating well-designed public access to defibrillation programs. Our experts in the field help our thoughtful customers determine the best AED make and model for their needs, develop a training plan for a CPR/AED certification and provide maintenance solutions to ensure the units are ready for immediate use when needed in case of a cardiac emergency.

We applaud all of the communities who are actively implementing AEDs as part of their safety initiative programs to help ensure that lives aren’t needlessly lost publically.

To contact us for a free needs assessment and/or a professional consultation call us at 1-855-677-2337 or e-mail us at

AED Suppliers (AED Defibrillator Machines)

When shopping for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) most go to a web search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  The results of the searches might be surprising in that it is fast becoming a pretty crowded marketplace.  There are CPR training centers dabbling in AED sales and there are safety shops that might carry a few AEDs in addition to thousands of safety items.  There are large suppliers who carry professional defibrillators geared for Ambulance Companies and ALCS.  There are vendors who sell CPR goods like manikins, masks and first supplies who also participate in the AED market.

For the consumer who’s looking for AEDs for their corporate workplace, place of worship, school or government entity it can all be quite overwhelming.  Which AED is the best?  Which type fits the budget?  What’s the difference between the vendors and the AED machines?

Enter, AED One-Stop Shop the consultative approach AED vendor and our simple to navigate sister site,, where someone can easily select and buy online.  The focus of both AED One-Stop Shop and is public defibrillators.  The ones aimed at the lay rescuer.  We work primarily with businesses, local government, fire departments, schools, colleges, small clinics, and churches.

Why us:

  • We carry the leading brands which means there’s great selection of AEDs
  • We consult with you and help you through the decision making process
  • We offer resources like the Online AED Survey and AED Buyer’s Guide
  • We sell with integrity focusing on your needs for life-saving equipment
  • We sell brand new AEDs from the manufacturer not used or refurbished ones
  • Our prices are very reasonable considering the consultation level we provide to customers
  • We are prompt, professional and courteous which seems like a rarity these days


An ordinary person can save a human life.  If the rescue goes right a life can be saved.  Many rescues however fail due to a breakdown in calling 911, ineffective CPR or lack of it altogether, slow deployment of an AED or none at all.  With lives on the line it is our every effort to prepare our customers and offer them the best AED equipment, the opportunity to train and certify in CPR/AED, and AED Program Management to improve general readiness.  Call 855-677-2337 for help choosing and buying AEDs.

CPR and AED Defibrillators

If you’ve invested in or are shopping for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) then you know these amazing life-saving devices are very easy-to-use.  Their voice prompts guide the rescuer through the rescue and those AEDs with visual prompts show the responder what to do.  Because of the straightforward operation of these simple medical devices, we are often asked why training is needed.  In short, CPR/AED training and certification is a wonderful idea to bring an AED program to life and in numerous States it’s required.  AED One-Stop Shop offers the AEDs and the CPR Training in your City.

Here’s a brief description of what CPR is and does.  CPR is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. It is indicated in those who are unresponsive with no breathing or abnormal breathing.

CPR involves chest compressions at least 2 inches deep and at a rate of at least 100 per minute in an effort to create artificial circulation by manually pumping blood through the heart and thus the body. The rescuer may also provide breaths by either exhaling into the subject’s mouth or nose or using a device that pushes air into the subject’s lungs. Current recommendations place emphasis on high-quality chest compressions over artificial respiration; a simplified CPR method involving chest compressions only is recommended for untrained rescuers.

The American Heart Association, Red Cross and other trusted CPR curriculum now include a significant portion of the CPR on the use of public defibrillators or AEDs.  In a good quality class, the participants will get ample time to simulate use of the AED and delivery of CPR on a manikin.

Whether CPR training in tandem with AED deployment is required or not in your State, we at AED One-Stop Shop are strong advocates for the training of life-saving skills.  Workplace employees become far more at ease and confident with the technology and in our experience are far more likely to be willing to participate in a rescue.

Contact or 855-OSS-AEDs and we’ll advise you about AEDs, CPR, and other requirements in your State like Program Management and Medical Direction.

New HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P Now Available in U.S.

AED One-Stop Shop, as an authorized U.S. HeartSine distributor, is proud to announce the launch and availability of the new HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P.  This new AED / defibrillator model extends upon the functionality offered by the very popular 350P model.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P introduces a revolutionary technology called CPR Rate Advisor which uses real time visual and audible prompts to guide rescuers through the delivery of good CPR compressions without additional sensors.  With its revolutionary technology HeartSine’s proprietary CPR Rate Advisor uses only the defibrillator electrodes to detect changes in patient impedance, in real time, requiring no extra sensors or devices commonly used by other AEDs to provide CPR feedback. When a patient collapses and a rescuer performs CPR, the compressions applied by the rescuer cause the patient’s chest to change shape. This change in shape results in an increase in the patient’s chest impedance, or electrical resistance. The HeartSine technology captures this change in an ICG (impedance cardiography) waveform which it uses to count the number of compressions a rescuer administers. CPR Rate Advisor determines the compression rate by Real-Time CPR Rate Feedback counting deflections in the ICG waveform and advises the rescuer to “Push faster” if the compression rate below the AHA and ERC guidelines of 100-120 cpm.  Furthermore it prompts to “Push slower” if appropriate or “Begin CPR” if compressions have not been started or have stalled for any reason.

In short, this advanced technology helps to ensure great CPR is delivered.  The new 450P couples these new advancements with all the wonderful features that have made the 350P a popular choice for workplaces, corporations and government all of the United States.  HeartSine PAD AEDs are small, light and portable and they pack many ease-of-use features into a very compact package.

AED One-Stop Shop is be among the first in the Nation to offer the HeartSine Samaritan 450P to U.S. customers.  Give us a call at 855-677-AEDs to discuss the merit of this new device.  We believe this will be a nice complement to existing HeartSine defibrillator deployments and for those seeking life-protecting technology for the first time.  Email AED One-Stop Shop for a quote on this wonderful new device.

ZOLL AED Plus and Visual Prompting

The ZOLL AED Plus has enjoyed enormous success in the U.S. and these life-saving devices have been placed in schools, communities and workplaces.  ZOLL automated external defibrillators have some key functions that contribute to their popularity particularly in the area of ease-of-use.  Customers that seek public defibrillators often rank simplicity the number one consideration for their selection.

The ZOLL AED Plus ranks high in the category of ease because it pairs great voice prompts with some of the industry’s best visual prompts.  Consider the scene where someone has suddenly dropped and likely is in sudden cardiac arrest, this scene is loud and chaotic.  Without outstanding visual prompts or indicators a responder who can’t hear the voice prompts can become lost in the rescue.  ZOLL AEDs have a clear text screen which displays commands, length of rescue and number of shocks delivered.  Furthermore there are diagrams while highlight the following steps:

  • Check for responsiveness
  • Call 911
  • Place pads on the chest
  • Stand back from the patient
  • Begin delivering CPR

Each visual diagram have a light or indicator which is illuminated to demonstrate the current command.  These visual indicators are thoughtful additions to the device’s design and overall usability.  A sudden cardiac arrest can be noisy in any public setting and thus these features are a huge plus for first responders like fire departments, ems, and law enforcement.

ZOLL AEDs also boast real time CPR coaching which prompt rescuers to deliver CPR compressions harder or lighter and fast or slower.  These prompts are displayed as commands on the test screen and furthermore compression depth is measured and displayed on the right side of the screen.  These features are unique to ZOLL and add considerably to ease-of-use.

If you are seeking to protect lives at your organization do consider ZOLL and do consider buying them from AED One-Stop Shop.  Check our site ZOLL from AED One-Stop Shop at or call us at 855-677-2337.