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Where to buy AEDs and do you need a service agreement?

You’d like to protect lives at your organization with AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and that’s a smart decision.  AEDs are simple to use, they tell you what to do, show you what to do and only deliver a shock if the victim is indeed experiencing a cardiac arrest.

Where is best to buy these AEDs from?  We encourage you to consider AED One-Stop Shop the unique consultative supplier whose mission is about pairing you with the right AED type and accompanying CPR/AED training and AED Program Management services.  At AED One-Stop Shop we carry all the major brands like ZOLL, HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Philips, Defibtech and Cardiac Science.  It’s important to note that most AED distributors stock the devices and thus have incentives to move certain types.  AED One-Stop Shop is perhaps the Nation’s biggest drop-ship distributor (meaning we ship directly from the AED manufacturer to your door.)  This unique business models means to our customers that we advise and recommend based upon customer needs not our own.  Beyond this important differentiator the drop ship models insures that AED electrode pads and batteries don’t age on the shelf.  For those who prefer to buy online or on the Amazon Marketplace might we suggest our sister business,

Which are the top selling AEDs?

If you can’t decide might we suggest you try the quick and easy 12 question AED Buyer’s Guide.

Should we invest in someone to come and check our AEDs?  As AEDs have become more advanced they have improved their internal self-testing protocols which ensure an AED is ready to save a life.  The AEDs do not need additional calibration or servicing in general.  Occasionally there are software upgrades which can be completed with a connection to a laptop, PC or flash drive.  Rather than the additional expense of having technicians inspect your equipment, most organizations utilize AED Program Management to help standardize processes for internally checking the AEDs once monthly for readiness.  This means you don’t have to find an expensive local AED distributor or Safety Store in your part of the Country, you can work with AED One-Stop Shop or for everything you’ll need to protect lives, be compliant with State Laws and train staff effectively.

You can reach AED One-Stop Shop and by calling 855-677-AEDs or emailing or


AED Types for Corporations, Schools and Government

Automated External Defibrillators are life-saving medical devices designed to be so simple and intuitive that anyone can use one to save a life.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest is different from a typical heart attack, the victim drops, loses consciousness and almost certainly dies minutes later.  SCA is caused by an electrical misfire in the heart which causes the heart to have an abnormal rhythm in which the heart is unable to pump blood to the organs.  Cardiac Arrest deaths occur to men and women, young and old and even school-aged children.

The use of an AED or public defibrillator is the only way to revive a victim of Cardiac Arrest and CPR can help to distribute blood and oxygen.  Fortunately, the availability of AEDs in workplaces in communities is improving quickly as organizations invest in these life-saving devices.  If your company, city, county, department, church, school district, non-profit, or college doesn’t have AEDs this should be addressed immediately.  AEDs are affordable (typically $1200 to $1800) and they are incredibly easy-to-use as they even coach the responder through CPR.

AED One-Stop Shop offers the top AED types in the industry:

  • LIFEPAK AEDs are made by Physio-Control who was recently purchased by Stryker. The LIFEPAK Automated External Defibrillators are known for being fast to use and the popular CR-Plus and Express models have a pull handle which quickly unseal the electrode pouch.  LIFEPAK AEDs deliver up to 360j of energy for tough to defibrillate patients
  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD AEDs are very affordable and their technology is geared to the lay responder with straightforward prompts and a very slim and compact design. The new Samaritan 360P PAD can deliver a shock “automatically” without the responder having to push a shock button.
  • Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs are packed with wonderful technology in particular their reliability features. An AED is no good if it doesn’t work in an emergency situation and the Powerheart devices do a vigorous test of hardware, software and key components each morning to ensure the AED will work when needed.  Their new Powerheart G5 AED can toggle between English & Spanish languages.
  • Defibtech Lifeline AEDs are a popular choice for corporations looking to make their workplaces safer. The Lifeline AEDs are affordable to purchase and maintain.  Their new generation Defibtech VIEW AED has a wonderful color video screen which enhances simplicity by showing you how to save a life and perform CPR.
  • ZOLL AED Plus devices are rich with great features that make them a top choice for workplaces and communities. Perhaps their best feature is their ability to help a responder through the daunting task of CPR with real time feedback which tells the rescuer to “push harder” or speed or slow their compressions.
  • Philips HeartStart AEDs are distinguished by their red carrying cases and easy-to-operate life-saving devices. HeartStart AEDs are simple to power on and the prompts change and adapt to speed for a skilled rescuer and slow for someone who’s not.  Philips AEDs are commonplace in airports and many public settings.

So which AED type is right for your organization?  By far the best tool in the industry for selecting the best AED type was cleverly created by AED One-Stop Shop, it’s called the Online AED Buyer’s Guide.  The National Multi-Brand AED provider uses a consultative style and this quick 12 question survey will help them chose the perfect AED type.  Beyond the AED selection, AED One-Stop Shop has cabinets, signage, onsite CPR training and everything needed for readiness and compliance with State AED Laws.  Call AED One-Stop Shop today at 855-677-2337 or email us at

5 Questions Answered about AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

Bravo for you interest in learning about AEDs, it could lead to a human life being saved!  Automated External Defibrillators are small and affordable devices that are so easy-to-use that an ordinary person could certainly use them to save a life.

  1. Question: Are AEDs safe to use and could you harm someone with one?  Answer:  The FDA approves these medical devices for public-use because they have a special algorithm that analyzes the victims heart beat and only delivers a defibrillation shock if someone absolutely needs it.  In short you can’t shock someone with a normal heart rhythm even if pads were on the chest and the rescuer were to push the shock button.
  2. Question: Do you need a medical prescription to buy an AED?  Answer:  Most AED manufacturers include a free prescription with the AED and others are so simple-to-use that a prescription is not required.  That said, it’s wise to look up your State AED Laws to see what’s required.
  3. Question: How much does an AED cost?  Answer:  Typical prices tend to range between about $1200 – $2800 for an AED but the more expensive ones are typically designed for professional rescuers.  Some AED suppliers have configured bundles which include an alarmed cabinet and signage because it’s important that AEDs are made visible and accessible within the workplace.
  4. Question: Are refurbished or recertified AEDs okay to buy?  As a general rule it’s wise to remind oneself that AEDs are designed to protect human lives.  The new AED market is much larger than the market for used devices because customers can be certain that the AED has passed quality assurance processes by the AED manufacturer.  The savings are likely not worth the risk that a refurbished AED dealer has performed a complete and thorough enough process for quality control.
  5. Question: Do employees need to be trained to use the AED in a rescue?  All major CPR curriculum like American Heart Association and American Red Cross include instruction in not only delivering CPR compressions but also how to use an AED.  Organizations are encouraged to incorporate CPR training & certification in their safety plans.  That said, there are many examples of lives being saved my lay-rescuers who aren’t CPR certified.

We certainly hope that you found these answers useful and should you have further questions about the differences between the AEDs or perhaps liability issues you can reach out to AED One-Stop Shop at 855-677-AEDS.  We utilize a more consultative approach than most and customers particularly love our AED Buyer’s Guide and online 12 question quiz to help pair customers with the ideal life-saving device.

AED Companies – AED One-Stop Shop

When you’ve made the decision that your company, school district, university, non-profit, or organization needs AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators the natural next move is to research and shop the AED Companies. Here are the primary U.S. AED manufacturers as of 2016 in alphabetical order:

- Cardiac Science is owned by Aurora Resurgence and they make the Powerheart brand in Wisconsin
- Defibtech is owned by Nihon Kohden Corporation and they make the Lifeline & ReviveR brands in Connecticut
- HeartSine was recently acquired by Physio-Control and they make the Samaritan brand in Pennsylvania
- Philips is a Dutch technology company and they make the HeartStart brand in Washington
- Physio-Control is owned by Bain Capital and they make the LIFEPAK brand in Washington
- ZOLL is owned by Asahi Kasei Group and they make the AED Plus brand in Massachusetts

It’s quite common for AED buyers to submit requests for pricing to each of the six Companies above. The challenge is that these giant companies that make these amazingly well-designed life-saving devices sometimes struggle with general responsiveness to customers and often they often deal only through a distribution model.

Enter AED One-Stop Shop. By offering the leading AED brands they serve AED buyers responsively, professionally and with great industry knowledge and expertise. Rather than dealing with six company representatives, customers enjoy working with one true expert. AED One-Stop Shop is based in Albuquerque, NM and they offer life-protecting public defibrillators in all 50 States. AED One-Stop Shop specializes in public type defibrillators unlike others who serve other markets in the broader safety markets and EMS-specialty markets.

It’s also worth pointing out that AED One-Stop Shop deals only with brand new life-saving devices rather than refurbished or used equipment and with a National drop-ship model these devices ship straight from the factory to the end-user customer.

If you need to buy AEDs or seek pricing for budgeting or grant proposals email or call 855-677-2337. Enjoy expert consultation and professionals that will guide customers to the ideal life-protecting equipment for their particular needs or application.

New HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P Now Available in U.S.

AED One-Stop Shop, as an authorized U.S. HeartSine distributor, is proud to announce the launch and availability of the new HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P.  This new AED / defibrillator model extends upon the functionality offered by the very popular 350P model.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P introduces a revolutionary technology called CPR Rate Advisor which uses real time visual and audible prompts to guide rescuers through the delivery of good CPR compressions without additional sensors.  With its revolutionary technology HeartSine’s proprietary CPR Rate Advisor uses only the defibrillator electrodes to detect changes in patient impedance, in real time, requiring no extra sensors or devices commonly used by other AEDs to provide CPR feedback. When a patient collapses and a rescuer performs CPR, the compressions applied by the rescuer cause the patient’s chest to change shape. This change in shape results in an increase in the patient’s chest impedance, or electrical resistance. The HeartSine technology captures this change in an ICG (impedance cardiography) waveform which it uses to count the number of compressions a rescuer administers. CPR Rate Advisor determines the compression rate by Real-Time CPR Rate Feedback counting deflections in the ICG waveform and advises the rescuer to “Push faster” if the compression rate below the AHA and ERC guidelines of 100-120 cpm.  Furthermore it prompts to “Push slower” if appropriate or “Begin CPR” if compressions have not been started or have stalled for any reason.

In short, this advanced technology helps to ensure great CPR is delivered.  The new 450P couples these new advancements with all the wonderful features that have made the 350P a popular choice for workplaces, corporations and government all of the United States.  HeartSine PAD AEDs are small, light and portable and they pack many ease-of-use features into a very compact package.

AED One-Stop Shop is be among the first in the Nation to offer the HeartSine Samaritan 450P to U.S. customers.  Give us a call at 855-677-AEDs to discuss the merit of this new device.  We believe this will be a nice complement to existing HeartSine defibrillator deployments and for those seeking life-protecting technology for the first time.  Email AED One-Stop Shop for a quote on this wonderful new device.

Buy AEDs Online

Your organization has made the decision to buy AEDs and this decision to purchase Automated External Defibrillators is an intelligent one.  There is no more precious a commodity than ones people and with this investment in safety you’ll protect the lives of those who work at and visit your single or multiple locations.  But, which AED do you buy and where do your buy it from?  This short article is written and published to help you weigh a few important considerations.

Ease-of-use is perhaps the most important feature customers seem to look for.  Corporations, communities, churches, schools and other may have some trained responders on staff but for the most part they seek an AED type is that easy-to-use and straight forward for anyone to operate.  The features that might be attractive here are good voice prompts, automatic shock delivery, visual prompts, and CPR coaching.

Speed to shock makes sense to weigh when we consider that the time to defibrillation is a major contributor the success of the resuscitation.  This category is related to ease-of-use and how quickly the rescuer can execute the commands but in addition some AEDs can certainly shock faster than others.

Reliability of the AED is also of great interest to customers.  When they opt to invest in the life-protecting technology of Automated External Defibrillators, the customer wants to know that the device will function properly when needed.  Some of these considerations are warranty length, brand reputation, and also self-testing features which check the AED’s parts and components.

Cost of ownership is also important to customers who manage budgets closely and are also considering the ongoing cost to having AEDs such as batteries, pads, training and program management.  Though cost certainly shouldn’t be the top criteria for the selection of a life-saving device such as this, it is smart to understand how much the consumables cost and how frequently they should be replaced.

AED One-Stop Shop’s core mission is to be a consultant to our customers.  We help decision makers weigh which product features best meet their specific needs.  Our model ensures we select the right product for the customer’s needs not our own.  By the way, there’s no additional cost or premium to the customer for this industry expertise.  We customize proposals and email quotes same day for our customers.  Click here for this brand:  AED One-Stop Shop. on the other hand is designed for the customer who knows what they want.  In a World where customers appreciate efficiency and choice, e-commerce sites are abundant. is designed to simplify this sometimes complicated AED category in that it is easy to navigate and understand.  Click here for this brand:

Whether you chose one of these trusted National AED businesses or another, do invest in AEDs and be proactive in this decision before an employee or loved one is lost.

“Where to buy an AED?”

There are a number of AED suppliers and AED retailers in the United States.  Though there are still many organizations who have not yet gained a firm enough understanding about the ease-of-use, safety, protection of the law and urgent need for AEDs, they can certainly be noticed more and more.  People are learning that they are not just for medical settings but public ones and they can be operated by practically anyone.  Companies, government agencies, workplaces, communities, churches, schools, colleges and more are investing in this surprisingly affordable life-saving technology.  This proactive thinking and the investment in employee and customer safety has resulted in a remarkable amount of lives being saved in workplaces and public places.  Too often however companies and communities seek AED defibrillators reactively after the tragic and unexpected loss of life.  As awareness grows about the need to protect lives with Automated External Defibrillators expect to see them hanging on the walls of restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and in taxis, buses and trains.

As the popularity of these public safety devices rises perhaps there will be more outlets to purchase them?  Currently AED distributors range in type from safety suppliers, to CPR instructors, to firefighters who dabble in sales, to many online providers.  Some AED providers offer a single brand or model, while others carry a few.  The AED manufacturers sometimes sell directly to customers, however sometimes their pricing is rigid and their approach is obviously biased towards their lone brand.  For some AED distributors, defibrillators are just one of thousands of products or SKUs, in other words they don’t at all specialize in the category.

Once you make the wise decision to buy AEDs or at least weigh the considerations you’ll ask the question “where to buy AED defibrillators?” or “who sells AEDs in my City or State?”

The merit of a National multi-brand AED supplier like AED One-Stop Shop is that a single AED distributor can expertly determine which AED brand, which AED model, and what else you’ll need to consider.  With the variety of offerings they can cut through the blur of product types and diagnose the best fit for your organization whether it be HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Defibtech, Philips or ZOLL.  Along the way questions come up about AED features, liability, cost of ownership, training and how to manage an AED program once you have the devices installed.  Though AEDs are remarkably simple to operate, some of the questions about the design of an AED program are not.  Industry knowledge and experience are of utmost importance when selecting an AED vendor to trust and partner with.

One more important caution for selecting the right AED supply store is that you should certainly avoid refurbished AEDs.  Few distributors use a vigorous quality process before reselling their recertified goods while a great many do not.  This is quite a gamble to take with a life-saving device for the protection of your staff, customers, visitors, students and citizens.  The low prices can certainly be luring, who doesn’t like to save money?  But we are certainly strong proponents of brand new equipment, because after all lives are as stake.

We are not here to claim that only AED One-Stop Shop is good and all others are bad, that would not be fair or accurate.  There are a number of providers who have navigated this industry with integrity, knowledge and a good approach to business.  Some would meet the considerations that are outlined in the article.  AED One-Stop Shop, based in Albuquerque NM, offers an outstanding combination of variety, quality, customer focus, industry expertise and overall value and it would be our distinct privilege to help you.