“Where to buy an AED?”

AED store

There are a number of AED suppliers and AED retailers in the United States.  Though there are still many organizations who have not yet gained a firm enough understanding about the ease-of-use, safety, protection of the law and urgent need for AEDs, they can certainly be noticed more and more.  People are learning that they are not just for medical settings but public ones and they can be operated by practically anyone.  Companies, government agencies, workplaces, communities, churches, schools, colleges and more are investing in this surprisingly affordable life-saving technology.  This proactive thinking and the investment in employee and customer safety has resulted in a remarkable amount of lives being saved in workplaces and public places.  Too often however companies and communities seek AED defibrillators reactively after the tragic and unexpected loss of life.  As awareness grows about the need to protect lives with Automated External Defibrillators expect to see them hanging on the walls of restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and in taxis, buses and trains.

As the popularity of these public safety devices rises perhaps there will be more outlets to purchase them?  Currently AED distributors range in type from safety suppliers, to CPR instructors, to firefighters who dabble in sales, to many online providers.  Some AED providers offer a single brand or model, while others carry a few.  The AED manufacturers sometimes sell directly to customers, however sometimes their pricing is rigid and their approach is obviously biased towards their lone brand.  For some AED distributors, defibrillators are just one of thousands of products or SKUs, in other words they don’t at all specialize in the category.

Once you make the wise decision to buy AEDs or at least weigh the considerations you’ll ask the question “where to buy AED defibrillators?” or “who sells AEDs in my City or State?”

The merit of a National multi-brand AED supplier like AED One-Stop Shop is that a single AED distributor can expertly determine which AED brand, which AED model, and what else you’ll need to consider.  With the variety of offerings they can cut through the blur of product types and diagnose the best fit for your organization whether it be HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Defibtech, Philips or ZOLL.  Along the way questions come up about AED features, liability, cost of ownership, training and how to manage an AED program once you have the devices installed.  Though AEDs are remarkably simple to operate, some of the questions about the design of an AED program are not.  Industry knowledge and experience are of utmost importance when selecting an AED vendor to trust and partner with.

One more important caution for selecting the right AED supply store is that you should certainly avoid refurbished AEDs.  Few distributors use a vigorous quality process before reselling their recertified goods while a great many do not.  This is quite a gamble to take with a life-saving device for the protection of your staff, customers, visitors, students and citizens.  The low prices can certainly be luring, who doesn’t like to save money?  But we are certainly strong proponents of brand new equipment, because after all lives are as stake.

We are not here to claim that only AED One-Stop Shop is good and all others are bad, that would not be fair or accurate.  There are a number of providers who have navigated this industry with integrity, knowledge and a good approach to business.  Some would meet the considerations that are outlined in the article.  AED One-Stop Shop, based in Albuquerque NM, offers an outstanding combination of variety, quality, customer focus, industry expertise and overall value and it would be our distinct privilege to help you.