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Aren’t All AEDs The Same?

There are six major brands of Automated External Defibrillators approved by the FDA to be supplied to workplaces and communities in the United States.  There’s a fairly common misperception that they’re all the same.  The commonalities of the AEDs are as follows:

  • All AEDs are safe, they deliver a shock only when the ECG analysis determines that it is needed
  • All AEDs have voice prompts which tell the responder what to do to revive the victim
  • All AEDs deliver a biphasic shock to the victim which has been proven to be effective in stopping the heart’s arrhythmia in hopes it might resume normal heart function

That’s about where the similarities end.  AEDs vary dramatically in their size, weight, color, features, battery type, electrode pad type, their ease-of-use features, their visual prompts, the energy they deliver, how they’re turned on, whether they have a shock button, whether they coach for CPR and there are many more differentiators.

AED One-Stop Shop is the National AED Supplier focused upon making workplace, schools, and communities safer.  AED One-Stop Shop has all the answers as to which life-saving public defibrillator is most suitable for various organizations.  We use a quite unique consultative model and tools such as the AED Buyer’s Guide to help our customers to truly determine which AEDs best suit their need.  This decision is much more than the cheapest initial price tag and much more than looking at the ongoing cost of replacement batteries and pads.  In World which so commonly has consumers buying things online we still highly encourage a conversation to discuss this safety initiative because after all there are human lives on the line.  The decision of which AED to buy could actually mean that one day your friend, colleague, spouse, stranger, teacher, or student could be saved and given another chance at life.  Most AED company websites are confusing, they are crowded with products and customers find themselves price shopping.  AED One-Stop Shop is different, there are no prices, no special offers, no shopping carts but rather rich information and a friendly professional waiting to speak with you when you call 855-677-2337.  Call us today, whether your question is about product features, pricing, liability, CPR training or compliance with laws in your State.  Can’t talk at this moment?  Then email us at and we’ll be prompt, professional and informative with our reply.

AED Companies – AED One-Stop Shop

When you’ve made the decision that your company, school district, university, non-profit, or organization needs AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators the natural next move is to research and shop the AED Companies. Here are the primary U.S. AED manufacturers as of 2016 in alphabetical order:

- Cardiac Science is owned by Aurora Resurgence and they make the Powerheart brand in Wisconsin
- Defibtech is owned by Nihon Kohden Corporation and they make the Lifeline & ReviveR brands in Connecticut
- HeartSine was recently acquired by Physio-Control and they make the Samaritan brand in Pennsylvania
- Philips is a Dutch technology company and they make the HeartStart brand in Washington
- Physio-Control is owned by Bain Capital and they make the LIFEPAK brand in Washington
- ZOLL is owned by Asahi Kasei Group and they make the AED Plus brand in Massachusetts

It’s quite common for AED buyers to submit requests for pricing to each of the six Companies above. The challenge is that these giant companies that make these amazingly well-designed life-saving devices sometimes struggle with general responsiveness to customers and often they often deal only through a distribution model.

Enter AED One-Stop Shop. By offering the leading AED brands they serve AED buyers responsively, professionally and with great industry knowledge and expertise. Rather than dealing with six company representatives, customers enjoy working with one true expert. AED One-Stop Shop is based in Albuquerque, NM and they offer life-protecting public defibrillators in all 50 States. AED One-Stop Shop specializes in public type defibrillators unlike others who serve other markets in the broader safety markets and EMS-specialty markets.

It’s also worth pointing out that AED One-Stop Shop deals only with brand new life-saving devices rather than refurbished or used equipment and with a National drop-ship model these devices ship straight from the factory to the end-user customer.

If you need to buy AEDs or seek pricing for budgeting or grant proposals email or call 855-677-2337. Enjoy expert consultation and professionals that will guide customers to the ideal life-protecting equipment for their particular needs or application.