Don’t Be Intimidated By Automatic External Defibrillators

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You may have seen the abbreviated letters AED which stand for automated external defibrillator. The name of this lifesaving device sounds complex even though it’s remarkably easy to use. Since they’ve been invented these small and portable medical devices are now made by leading manufacturers like HeartSine, ZOLL, Philips, and LIFEPAK.

These brands have been continuously striving to improve AED widespread usability so as to not be intimidating during an emergency. Advances in technology have been made for AEDs to be accessible to the average person rather than for strictly professional medical personnel.

Manufacturers understand the seriousness of cardiac arrest which can cause sudden death. While medical professionals will need to be called, these AED devices save lives immediately. You may notice AEDs placed in locations such as these:

*Hotels and resorts

*Restaurants and retailers

*Sporting and convention venues

*Malls and major shopping centers

*Airports and airplanes

*Gyms and health clubs

*Swimming pools and aquatic centers

*Office workplaces

*Industrial workplaces

*Churches and places of worship

*Government buildings

You may wonder what makes an AED easy to use during an emergency. The clarity of voice prompts, intuitiveness, prompt for calling 9-1-1, step-by-step guidance, and other adaptable features that are available on different makes and models distinguish the level of difficulty of use of every AED.

Visual prompts complement the voice prompts. Some models include diagrams and/or images, lights, a text screen, step-by-step CPR instructions, and visual prompts for placement of the pads. To assess your organization’s AED requirements you can do the extensive research yourself or you can contact us for a free analysis.

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