HeartSine Wi-Fi Connected AEDs

WIFI Connected AED

We invest in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) to protect and save lives. The remarkably easy-to-use and safe devices can help practically anyone save a human life. But what if the AED isn’t rescue ready when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest? Organizations struggle to manage weekly or monthly AED device audits and as a result AEDs often get neglected. Without … Read More

New Wireless Technology for AED Readiness


What’s new in the AED industry?  AEDs have been available for about two decades and in those 20+ years the manufacturers have been focusing their product enhancements upon improving ease-of-use.  We are beginning to see a shift and perhaps over the next decade the focus will be readiness using wireless technology.  What does this mean?  Inspecting AEDs routinely, replacing expiring … Read More