New Wireless Technology for AED Readiness


What’s new in the AED industry?  AEDs have been available for about two decades and in those 20+ years the manufacturers have been focusing their product enhancements upon improving ease-of-use.  We are beginning to see a shift and perhaps over the next decade the focus will be readiness using wireless technology.  What does this mean?  Inspecting AEDs routinely, replacing expiring pads, and ensuring batteries have ample power to save a life are more challenging that you might expect whether you have one AED or hundreds.  There are countless stories of cardiac arrest deaths where the closest AED couldn’t be located or the AED was not operational due to depleted batteries or dried out electrode pads.

AED One-Stop Shop (as you might expect) as the industry’s “consultative” life-saving device provider is on the forefront of the readiness movement.  We strongly believe a great AED program should be much more than hanging an AED on the wall… it should feature readiness web-based software like AED LIFELINKcentral, AED PlusTrac, or ARCH.  Such software automates the process of checking AED devices with email reminders, date-stamped audit results, and prompts when consumables are expiring.

Now for what’s coming… we anticipate new AED types like the LIFEPAK CR2 and ZOLL AED 3 to boast built-in wireless technology that will pair with LIFELINKcentral or PlusTrac program management software.  This new technology will mean that rather having humans check the AEDs once monthly and logging their results the AEDs will send alerts wirelessly using the cloud, WiFi, and/or cellular data.  What about those who are not in the market for the brand new AED types?  Physio-Control is rumored to be launching communication devices that attach to HeartSine Samaritan and LIFEPAK CR-Plus devices to link them with AED LIFELINKcentral.  Philips offers SmartLink for the Philips HeartStart OnSite, Home and FRx devices.  And look for AED Sentinal launching this summer which can provide readiness status for any existing AED type using a cabinet-mounted cellular device.

AEDs are marvelous life-protecting devices but they can only save a life if they are maintained and checked for readiness.  AED One-Stop Shop’s professional recommendation is that if you’re spending over $1000.00 for AEDs you should seriously consider pairing them with readiness software and even better a wireless solution.  Call 855-677-2337 or email to learn how your organization can better their AED program using new technology from AED One-Stop Shop.