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Replacing & Upgrading Philips HeartStart AEDs

Philips Healthcare manufactures the popular HeartStart AEDs that are typically in a distinctive red carrying case.  AED One-Stop Shop is an “authorized Philips National Distributor” and we often get questions about AEDs being discontinued and when to replace them.  If you’ve had AEDs for about 10 – 20 years it’s possible that your AEDs have reached “End of Life” or at least nearing it.  The older type AEDs to be concerned about are:

  • HeartStream ForeRunner
  • HeartStream FR
  • HeartStart FR1
  • Philips HeartStart FR1
  • Philips HeartStart FR2
  • Philips HeartStart FR2+
  • HeartStream FR2

We encourage customers to utilize our FREE AED Recycling Program.  You can ship your old AEDs and supplies to the address with absolutely no processing fee.  We repurpose, reuse, or recycle the equipment in a responsible manner.

The latest AEDs from Philips are as follows:

  • Philips HeartStart OnSite (available for immediate shipment) – buy now on
  • Philips HeartStart FRx (available soon)
  • Philips HeartStart FR3 (availability underdetermined)

These devices have phenomenal technology and a Sales Consultant at AED One-Stop Shop can help pair you with the ideal type for your application.  The OnSite AED is particularly simple to operate and it’s economical too. .  Email or call us at 855-677-2337.

AED Philips HeartStart FRx from AED One-Stop Shop

If you’re seeking an Automated External Defibrillator with the ease-of-use that Philips is known for and a design that’s built to last, the FRx is it.  AED One-Stop Shop is a National “Preferred” Distributor and we find that customers enjoy the HeartStart versatility tremendously.

The Philips HeartStart FRx AED was built with rugged design so that it’s ready for real-world use. It was built to surpass rigorous testing requirements: withstanding jetting water, crushing loads of up to 500 pounds, and a one-meter drop onto concrete. The HeartStart FRx features CPR coaching and intuitive icon-driven operation. Calm, clear voice instructions are tailored to the responder’s actions, providing guidance during the resuscitation of an SCA victim. The infant/child key turns the HeartStart FRx into a pediatric defibrillator by adjusting the voice instructions and decreasing defibrillation therapy to treat infants and children. The same pad set works for adults, children, and infants. At just 3.5 pounds, the HeartStart FRx is light and portable, allowing for easy transport. Its size and weight make it perfect for police officers, firefighters, and trained public servants. Your HeartStart FRx goes through a 120-point test before it leaves the factory. On the job, it conducts self-tests every single day, not just weekly. It performs over 80 different tests in all. Even the pads are tested for readiness.

Philips SMART Biphasic therapy uses a unique combination of high current – to increase effectiveness, and a lower energy dose – to decrease side effects that are harmful to a fragile heart. CPR is even more vital to survival than previously realized. Rapidly delivering a shock after chest compressions is critical. The HeartStart FRx’s Quick Shock feature reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery.

Contact us via email at or call and get a live professional at 855-677-2337 or check out more about Philips AED products here HeartStart Defibrillators.  Protecting lives with AEDs is a must for every workplace, school, church and community.

Buy new Philips HeartStart AEDs with “SmartLink”

AED One-Stop Shop is quickly becoming a “go-to” for Automated External Defibrillators in the United States market.  Customers know they get expert consultation and guidance as to the right life-saving device(s) for their organization.  Furthermore buyers of AEDs know they get the latest defibrillator products available.  Introducing SmartLink Remote Monitoring for Philips HeartStart AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop.

SmartLink is a revolutionary new system that monitor the status of your Philips HeartStart AED.  It is wireless and connects over the mobile phone network. It also contains its own power source so you do not have to install anything or plug this unit into an outlet.  The SmartLink unit receives the results from the AED’s daily self-test and reports this through a cellular transmission.  Furthermore if an AED is used the SmartLink technology becomes aware that a rescue is in a process.  The possibilities of embracing the remote monitoring system are quite thought stimulating.

You receive a weekly status report for your AED and an immediate alert if the daily check shows any errors.  SmartLink is useful in all kinds of situations, whether you are planning a public access AED project, or have multiple AEDs across several different sites. In fact, it even works across different countries. SmartLink connects to multiple networks including AT&T and T-Mobile, therefore, offers extremely high availability.  SmartLink consists of just 2 components.  The SmartLink Module is battery powered and contains the analyzing software and the mobile network connectivity. The SmartLink Inlay monitors the AED by two different methods and is placed in the standard carrying case from Philips in the Space that was reserved for the spare pads.  A complimentary pads bag is delivered with each.

AED One-Stop Shop believes this technology can be a game-changer for the large Corporate or large Government customer who manages many AEDs but it certainly doesn’t rule out smaller deployments.  For more information or pricing on SmartLink for your HeartStart defibrillators call 855-677-2337 or email Sales@AEDOneStopShop.

Philips AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop

Philips consumer and healthcare have reached a level of familiarity and recognition in the United States and in the World.  In the category of Automated External Defibrillators for the home, workplace and public setting, Philips offers wonderful products that are most popular.  The technology dates back from some breakthroughs that were made when the popular Forerunner launched.  Today Philips has three models of HeartStart AEDs:  the OnSite, the FRx and the FR3 (for professionals.)

AED One-Stop Shop is a National supplier of Philips HeartStart AEDs and we utilize a very consultative approach to help pair Companies, Schools, Churches, Clinics and individuals with the ideal life-saving device.

Some of the features that make the Philips AEDs so popular are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use design where the responder simply powers the AED, places the pads, and pushes the shock button
  • After the shock is delivered CPR prompts can be enabled which have a metronome for the perfect rate of compressions
  • The device uses SMART biphasic shock which is effective and safe
  • Pediatric capability is possible with all three AED types by using with a proprietary pediatric key or with pediatric electrodes
  • The prompts are intuitive and they can speed for a skilled responder or slow for a lay responder

There are various applications to consider when placing AEDs such as their location, accessibility, signage, mobility and more.  The friendly professionals at AED One-Stop Shop are skilled at offering both the right Philips model and accessories to our customers.  Email or call 855-677-2337 to get pricing or have your specific questions answered.  AED One-Stop Shop ships brand new Philips HeartStart AEDs, batteries, pads, cabinets and more from the factory often in 1-3 business days and our pricing is simply excellent.  Visit Philips HeartStart AEDs to learn more about the straightforward and simple AED devices.