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The HOME AED from Philips HeartStart

You see AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in public places but should someone invest in AEDs for their home and even vehicles?  There’s a growing movement to protect those we love most with a home defibrillator.  Did you know that more than half of all Sudden Cardiac Arrest fatalities occur in the home setting?

Introducing the Philips HeartStart HOME Defibrillator from AED One-Stop Shop and  Philips AEDs use a patented 1, 2, 3 design in which the responder powers on the AED, places the pads on the victim’s chest, and then delivers a shock.  The AED tells you what to do with incredible voice prompts with Life Guidance which even prompt the rescuer through CPR.  You’ll be pleased to know the Philips HeartStart AED cannot cause harm because before it delivers a shock it analyzes the victim’s heart rhythm and can only deliver a shock if one’s required.

To enhance the ease-of-use of the HOME defibrillator it features a “pull” handle which simultaneously powers on the device and opens the cartridge in which the electrode pads are in.  By utilizing the “pull” handle it speeds the rescue and thus the chance of survival for the patient or victim.

Philips HeartStart has built a trusted reputation in defibrillation and Automated External Defibrillators.  The Philips HeartStart AED technology is intended for every skill level, every environment, you’ll find the perfect AED product for your application.

Need a quote?  Please contact AED One-Stop Shop at 855-677-2337 or  Of if you prefer to buy the Philips HeartStart HOME Defibrillator online you can do so here!

Are AEDs All The Same? Not At All.

AED One-Stop Shop is growing rapidly for numerous reasons, but perhaps above all things it’s that we take a deep dive into customers’ expressed needs.  It likely holds true in most business that consumers like to be heard and they seek vendors and suppliers who are in tune with their needs.  When it comes to selecting a life-saving, life-protecting piece of medical equipment such as a public defibrillator or AED, a consultative approach is certainly welcomed by our prospects.  For more on what we do, see our site

The “One-Stop Shop” in our company name refers to the fact that customers can find solutions for equipment, training, and management from a single provider.  Furthermore our customers get to shop the leading AED brands and device types with a single call to one of our product experts.  By carrying trusted leading brands like HeartSine, ZOLL, Defibtech, LIFEPAK and Philips we are proud to offer variety.  We, however, specialize in AEDs for workplaces, public safety, and communities only and don’t stray into related safety equipment categories.  This means we offer unique specialization and world class industry knowledge and support.

Whether your interest is to protect lives in a school setting or for government buildings, we’ll find the right product for you.  Whether you’re protecting workplace employees or the general public, we will propose the ideal AED device you need.  Automated External Defibrillators vary widely in ease-of-use, voice prompting, visual indicators, core technology, durability, and in readiness-testing too.  Cost certainly varies for AED devices and the average prices for their batteries and pads which are replaced periodically.

Our point here is that once you make the choice to invest in safety and protect lives with AEDs, one should put careful consideration into which AED type to select.  Don’t make the common mistake of buying based primarily on price.  Don’t just take a recommendation from someone who has AEDs, because perhaps their decision wasn’t well-thought out.  We would urge you to call the experts.  Contact AED One-Stop Shop by emailing or by calling 855-677-AEDs.  Experience our consultative business model and friendly and ethical sales professionals.

Philips HeartStart OnSite HS1 & AED One-Stop Shop

The Philips HeartStart AED brand of life-saving devices is one that has been adopted by corporations, communities, first responders, and schools all over the U.S and throughout the World.  The HeartStart OnSite which is also known as the HS1 is a most popular device because it combines affordability with ease-of-use and simplicity.

Customers demand AED types that are very straightforward in their use and the OnSite HS1 certainly fits that consumer requisite.  The device is turned on by pulling a green handle or pushing a power button.  The device uses clear voice prompts to guide the rescuer through the steps of use and saving a life.  The voice prompts are not simply scripted, they repeat and change and in essence adapt to the individual rescuer.  The commands allow for a wide range of rescuers from skilled to lay responders.  The pads are clearly labeled to make it clear where on the victim’s chest they are to be placed.  Furthermore the AED only delivers a shock if indeed the patient is in sudden cardiac arrest or more specifically ventricular fibrillation.  Once a shock is delivered the AED offers amazing clear direction in how to perform CPR if the responder elects to push the blue button for coaching.  The CPR prompts help the responder through chest compressions with a perfect metronome for correct pace.  These features combine to make the Philips HeartStart OnSite one of the very easiest-to-use on the market.

Affordability is certainly attractive to customers who want to adopt life-protecting technology but also have budget constraints and numerous investment needs.  AED One-Stop Shop typically offer a workplace bundle which includes the AED device, battery, pads, carrying case, response kit, deluxe wall cabinet and signage for under $1500.00.  Beyond this initial purchase customers are put at ease by the very affordable pads and long life medical grade battery.

If you have an interest in protecting lives with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) do consider the OnSite HS1 AED.  And do “partner” with AED One-Stop Shop where we specialize in public defibrillators.  Call 855-677-2337 and become prepared before a crisis arises.  In a hurry? Just email for a detailed quote for your organization.

The Philips HeartStart FRx AED

We are highlighting the Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator.  Philips has long done remarkably well in the public access defibrillator market because their products are remarkably easy-to-use and quite intuitive too.  The Philips OnSite or HS1 has excelled in sales due to its very affordable price-point but the HeartStart FRx offers more features and more ruggedness.

The Philips HeartStart FRx uses a similar platform as the popular OnSite, both are simple to use, both have user-paced prompts, both are affordable to maintain, but the FRx boasts some features which help set it apart…

Firstly, the FRx AED from AED One-Stop Shop is designed to surpass rigorous testing requirements withstanding jetting water, loads of up to 500 lbs, and a 1 meter drop onto concrete surfaces.  This ruggedness helps make it a great choice for Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Utilities and also Athletics.

Secondly, this AED uses a pediatric key designed to unlock the FRx’s pediatric capabilities.  By inserting the pediatric key the device automatically distinguishes that an infant or child is to be treated and the rescuer is guided to place the SMART electrode pads appropriately for this patient of less than 55 pounds.  The other attractive thing about the pediatric key is that a customer does not have to buy specific pediatric pads, instead the FRx’s SMART Pads II work on both adult and child patients.  With this pediatric key technology there is no surprise that the HeartStart FRx is a top selection for school districts, as well as private schools, charter schools and daycare facilities.

Thirdly, the FRx offers compatibility that the OnSite does not.  Many Fire Departments and EMS Agencies use larger manual defibrillators also known as monitors.  When EMS arrives to a rescue in which the AED has been attached they are sometimes able to connect their monitor to the attached AED electrodes in order to save valuable seconds in the rescue.  The FRx uses pads called SMART Pads II which integrate nicely with the HeartStart MRx monitors that many professionals use.  This compatibility and integration help make the FRx an ideal product to be used for City or County community public access programs.

AED One-Stop Shop and partner are proud to offer the Philips HeartStart FRx and will be happy to help you with these wonderful life-protecting AEDs.  Contact us at 855-677-2337 for more details on the FRx.