The HOME AED from Philips HeartStart

HeartStart Home Defibrillator

You see AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in public places but should someone invest in AEDs for their home and even vehicles?  There’s a growing movement to protect those we love most with a home defibrillator.  Did you know that more than half of all Sudden Cardiac Arrest fatalities occur in the home setting?

Introducing the Philips HeartStart HOME Defibrillator from AED One-Stop Shop and  Philips AEDs use a patented 1, 2, 3 design in which the responder powers on the AED, places the pads on the victim’s chest, and then delivers a shock.  The AED tells you what to do with incredible voice prompts with Life Guidance which even prompt the rescuer through CPR.  You’ll be pleased to know the Philips HeartStart AED cannot cause harm because before it delivers a shock it analyzes the victim’s heart rhythm and can only deliver a shock if one’s required.

To enhance the ease-of-use of the HOME defibrillator it features a “pull” handle which simultaneously powers on the device and opens the cartridge in which the electrode pads are in.  By utilizing the “pull” handle it speeds the rescue and thus the chance of survival for the patient or victim.

Philips HeartStart has built a trusted reputation in defibrillation and Automated External Defibrillators.  The Philips HeartStart AED technology is intended for every skill level, every environment, you’ll find the perfect AED product for your application.

Need a quote?  Please contact AED One-Stop Shop at 855-677-2337 or  Of if you prefer to buy the Philips HeartStart HOME Defibrillator online you can do so here!