Why Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs?

Powerheart G3 and G5 AEDs from AED One-Stop Shop

Those in the medical or safety may have heard that ZOLL Medical recently purchased Cardiac Science in a major industry-changing acquisition.  What’s the attraction with the Cardiac Science technology and people?  Cardiac Science is the maker of the Powerheart family of products which features the popular Powerheart G3 Plus AEDs and the advanced technology Powerheart G5 life-saving devices.  The flagship … Read More

Meet the Powerheart G5 Automatic Defibrillator

Powerheart G5 Fully Auto

Cardiac Science is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just west of Milwaukee, the company also has a manufacturing facility in Deerfield, Wisconsin, as well as operations in California, Denmark, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom and has an installed base of over 500,000 units in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Their newest life-saving device is the Powerheart G5 AED which is loaded … Read More

AED Defibrillator with Spanish Language

Powerheart Dual Language G5 AED

We by now know that AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are remarkably easy-to-use since their voice prompts tell the responder what to do to save a life.  Those voice prompts guide the rescuer to call 911 and then through each step required to use the AED and deliver effective CPR.  But what if that layperson rescuer were not English-speaking?  What if … Read More

Powerheart G5 for Workplaces & Businesses

Powerheart G5 Fully Auto

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic AED is an easy to use device with intuitive operation and user-paced prompts that enable first-time rescuers to act quickly and confidently to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Rest easy knowing your Powerheart AED will perform as expected during a rescue thanks to Rescue Ready technology that performs rigorous daily, weekly, and monthly … Read More

Powerheart G5 AED from Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science manufactures the very popular line of Powerheart AEDs that you’ll see at airports, malls, government buildings and public places everywhere.  The Powerheart G3 models are blue and yellow and color and they are built particularly rugged. Today there’s a buzz in the industry over the launch of the new Powerheart G5 AED Defibrillators.  The new G5 is orange … Read More