AED Defibrillator with Spanish Language

Powerheart Dual Language G5 AED

We by now know that AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are remarkably easy-to-use since their voice prompts tell the responder what to do to save a life.  Those voice prompts guide the rescuer to call 911 and then through each step required to use the AED and deliver effective CPR.  But what if that layperson rescuer were not English-speaking?  What if they were one of the 37 million or more whose primary language was Spanish?  AED One-Stop Shop and are pleased to present a Spanish-language AED option for you.

Enter the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 from AED One-Stop Shop and with dual language English/Spanish prompts.  The Powerheart G5 can be distinguished by its orange color and sleek gray carrying case.  This new public defibrillator or AED has a unique feature to toggle between English and Spanish language prompts with just the push of a button.  If one were to consider just how traumatic and scary a sudden cardiac arrest event might be, it’s easy to see that these fears might be compounded if the responder weren’t fluent in English.  According to WorldAtlas in a recent article these are the top four languages spoken in the U.S.A.  1. English 231M, 2. Spanish 37M, Chinese 3M, and French 2M.

Beyond the wonderful Dual-Language feature, how good is this AED?  As one of the newest model types on the market it boasts some excellent new features.  Cardiac Science is based in Wisconsin and they have been making the popular Powerheart brand of AEDs for many years.  They have a large following of AED buyers who trust that Powerheart AEDs are tough, reliable, straightforward to use and that they feature great technology.  The new Powerheart G5 is sleeker, lighter and more resilient than its predecessor, the Powerheart G3 Plus, which is blue and yellow in color.

AED One-Stop Shop is finding that AED customers in Mexico bordering States like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are taking to the Powerheart G5 AED quickly.  So too are the New York and Florida markets due to their high Spanish speaking populations.  If you’d like to learn more about this Cardiac Science AED please email us at or call us at 855-677-2337.  Ready to buy the Dual-Language Powerheart G5 now?  Then here’s a few great offers:  Powerheart G5 Portable Bundle $1695.00 or the Workplace Bundle which includes Cabinet & Sign $1799.00.  We can provide you with brochures and videos and even arrange for a live demonstration of this wonderful life-saving device.