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New HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P Now Available in U.S.

AED One-Stop Shop, as an authorized U.S. HeartSine distributor, is proud to announce the launch and availability of the new HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P.  This new AED / defibrillator model extends upon the functionality offered by the very popular 350P model.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P introduces a revolutionary technology called CPR Rate Advisor which uses real time visual and audible prompts to guide rescuers through the delivery of good CPR compressions without additional sensors.  With its revolutionary technology HeartSine’s proprietary CPR Rate Advisor uses only the defibrillator electrodes to detect changes in patient impedance, in real time, requiring no extra sensors or devices commonly used by other AEDs to provide CPR feedback. When a patient collapses and a rescuer performs CPR, the compressions applied by the rescuer cause the patient’s chest to change shape. This change in shape results in an increase in the patient’s chest impedance, or electrical resistance. The HeartSine technology captures this change in an ICG (impedance cardiography) waveform which it uses to count the number of compressions a rescuer administers. CPR Rate Advisor determines the compression rate by Real-Time CPR Rate Feedback counting deflections in the ICG waveform and advises the rescuer to “Push faster” if the compression rate below the AHA and ERC guidelines of 100-120 cpm.  Furthermore it prompts to “Push slower” if appropriate or “Begin CPR” if compressions have not been started or have stalled for any reason.

In short, this advanced technology helps to ensure great CPR is delivered.  The new 450P couples these new advancements with all the wonderful features that have made the 350P a popular choice for workplaces, corporations and government all of the United States.  HeartSine PAD AEDs are small, light and portable and they pack many ease-of-use features into a very compact package.

AED One-Stop Shop is be among the first in the Nation to offer the HeartSine Samaritan 450P to U.S. customers.  Give us a call at 855-677-AEDs to discuss the merit of this new device.  We believe this will be a nice complement to existing HeartSine defibrillator deployments and for those seeking life-protecting technology for the first time.  Email AED One-Stop Shop for a quote on this wonderful new device.

LIFEPAK 500 AED Defibrillator Replacement

If your organization has been protecting lives with the Medtronic LIFEPAK 500 or Physio-Control LIFEPAK 500 you’ve likely enjoyed these trusted Automated External Defibrillators.  These rugged AEDs have been deployed by fire departments, law enforcement agencies, businesses, clinics, schools and more and have been responsible for countless lives being saved.

The LIFEPAK 500 Defibrillators are now very old and it’s time to replace them, in fact most organizations have already done so.  These AEDs hit the market in 1997, production was discontinued in 2007, and now their manufacturer, Physio-Control, is classifying them at “end of life” next month in January 2015.  “End of life” means that the manufacturer will no longer provide parts (like batteries) or provide service, support or repairs on the devices and they urge customers to get them out of service.

Like all technology, it improves over time and the new LIFEPAK AEDs are much easier to use, they have more features, they are more upgradable, and they are remarkably more affordable to maintain over time.  AED One-Stop Shop is a Physio-Control Dealer serving all 50 United States and we are equipped with special trade-in offers and promotions that can make your organization’s transition to the new life-saving devices quite budget-friendly.

Some organizations have delayed this transition and are holding on to their old devices as long as possible, this approach is certainly understandable where there are budget constraints.  However, from the standpoint of employee and customer safety it is a wise and intelligent move to upgrade sooner than later.  From the perspective of risk management it’s also smart to transition to the new supported devices so as to not expose the organization to unnecessary legal risk.

For more details about the new Physio-Control devices like the LIFEPAK CR-Plus “Fully-Automatic” for instance you can contact or simply call as at 855-677-AEDs.  Our current trade-in offer (as of December 2014) is a $250.00 rebate per old AED returned with purchase of a LIFEPAK CR-Plus or LIFEPAK 1000 AED, but these are subject to change and will certainly end soon.

In short, if you peer into your AED wall cabinets and see a black carry case and a long yellow handle, see if it’s an LP-500, if so it’s time to contact us right away!

LIFEPAK 500 AEDs “Must Be Replaced” | End of Life of LIFEPAK 500

If you have LIFEPAK 500 AEDs in your workplace, department or community it is time to replace them!  These older type Automated External Defibrillators can be distinguished by their yellow handle and black carrycase.  If you notice that you do have this type contact AED One-Stop Shop to discuss your options and available trade-in promotions.

The LIFEPAK 500 AED hit the market in 1997 and has been utilized by companies, schools, fire departments and communities to protect and save lives.  In 2007 the LIFEPAK 500 was discontinued.  Beyond the discontinuation of production is an AED’s “end of life” where batteries and electrode pads are no longer available along with repair service.  In short this means they need to be replaced.

There are two product types:  monophasic and biphasic versions.  The monophasic version of the LIFEPAK 500 reached its “end of life” in February 2012.  The biphasic version of the LIFEPAK 500 reaches its “end of life” in January 2015.

As a National Physio-Control LIFEPAK Dealer, AED One-Stop Shop is equipped with customer rebates and trade-in allowances.  Most of our customers who swap out their LIFEPAK 500 devices do so within the same trusted brand.  The LIFEPAK CR-Plus is the primary “go to” due to its advanced technology, ease-of-use, low cost of ownership and general reliability.

Consider the transition from the LIFEPAK 500 to the LIFEPAK CR-Plus not as a burden but as a big upgrade in life-saving technology.  Customers enjoy that the CR-Plus is available in a fully-automatic type, it is quick and easy to deliver therapy and the device is tough and rugged.  Customers who invested in AEDs many years ago will be relieved to learn that the LIFEPAK CR Plus costs just about $1695.  Prices have come down and technology is improved within the category of AEDs.

AED One-Stop Shop offers expert-level consultation and we can walk you through the replacement of your LIFEPAK 500s and help you with the selection of your next AEDs.  Call us at 855-OSS-AEDS.

Why AED One-Stop Shop?

laurence-sabanThe industry needs AED One-Stop Shop and so too does any organization who’s really serious about making their employees, customers and visitors safe.  AED One-Stop Shop is not for every customer and every customer is not for us, but we certainly have our unique place.

It’s well documented that sudden cardiac arrest takes approximately 1,000 lives per day in the United States alone.  Any organization who becomes aware of these startling statistics and chooses to take action proactively should be applauded.

The truth, however, is that some customers who purchase AEDs do only that and they fail in creating a real environment of heart safety.  In my years of experience I’ve seen corporations form selection teams and spend weeks and months and countless resources, entertaining one biased representative after another to present their products.  AED One-Stop Shop as an authorized distributor of most every leading brand can instead assess your needs and customize the right product for you, ultimately saving you time and resources.  In other words your search begins and ends here.  Customers many times aren’t advised by their vendor that they should certainly combine their life-saving products with CPR/AED training and life-saving skills.  We offer nationally recognized CPR curriculum such as American Heart Association and more.  Furthermore, customers aren’t advised that to receive the full protection from State Good Samaritan laws and to mitigate risk they should invest in tracking software, device inspections, and oversight from a Medical Physician.  AED One-Stop Shop offers not only multiple brands but comprehensive solutions too.

The industry needs our offerings and I’m thrilled to present them to you.  ~ Laurence Saban, Owner & Operator