Why AED One-Stop Shop?

AED One-Stop Shop

laurence-sabanThe industry needs AED One-Stop Shop and so too does any organization who’s really serious about making their employees, customers and visitors safe.  AED One-Stop Shop is not for every customer and every customer is not for us, but we certainly have our unique place.

It’s well documented that sudden cardiac arrest takes approximately 1,000 lives per day in the United States alone.  Any organization who becomes aware of these startling statistics and chooses to take action proactively should be applauded.

The truth, however, is that some customers who purchase AEDs do only that and they fail in creating a real environment of heart safety.  In my years of experience I’ve seen corporations form selection teams and spend weeks and months and countless resources, entertaining one biased representative after another to present their products.  AED One-Stop Shop as an authorized distributor of most every leading brand can instead assess your needs and customize the right product for you, ultimately saving you time and resources.  In other words your search begins and ends here.  Customers many times aren’t advised by their vendor that they should certainly combine their life-saving products with CPR/AED training and life-saving skills.  We offer nationally recognized CPR curriculum such as American Heart Association and more.  Furthermore, customers aren’t advised that to receive the full protection from State Good Samaritan laws and to mitigate risk they should invest in tracking software, device inspections, and oversight from a Medical Physician.  AED One-Stop Shop offers not only multiple brands but comprehensive solutions too.

The industry needs our offerings and I’m thrilled to present them to you.  ~ Laurence Saban, Owner & Operator