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AED Suppliers (AED Defibrillator Machines)

When shopping for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) most go to a web search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  The results of the searches might be surprising in that it is fast becoming a pretty crowded marketplace.  There are CPR training centers dabbling in AED sales and there are safety shops that might carry a few AEDs in addition to thousands of safety items.  There are large suppliers who carry professional defibrillators geared for Ambulance Companies and ALCS.  There are vendors who sell CPR goods like manikins, masks and first supplies who also participate in the AED market.

For the consumer who’s looking for AEDs for their corporate workplace, place of worship, school or government entity it can all be quite overwhelming.  Which AED is the best?  Which type fits the budget?  What’s the difference between the vendors and the AED machines?

Enter, AED One-Stop Shop the consultative approach AED vendor and our simple to navigate sister site,, where someone can easily select and buy online.  The focus of both AED One-Stop Shop and is public defibrillators.  The ones aimed at the lay rescuer.  We work primarily with businesses, local government, fire departments, schools, colleges, small clinics, and churches.

Why us:

  • We carry the leading brands which means there’s great selection of AEDs
  • We consult with you and help you through the decision making process
  • We offer resources like the Online AED Survey and AED Buyer’s Guide
  • We sell with integrity focusing on your needs for life-saving equipment
  • We sell brand new AEDs from the manufacturer not used or refurbished ones
  • Our prices are very reasonable considering the consultation level we provide to customers
  • We are prompt, professional and courteous which seems like a rarity these days


An ordinary person can save a human life.  If the rescue goes right a life can be saved.  Many rescues however fail due to a breakdown in calling 911, ineffective CPR or lack of it altogether, slow deployment of an AED or none at all.  With lives on the line it is our every effort to prepare our customers and offer them the best AED equipment, the opportunity to train and certify in CPR/AED, and AED Program Management to improve general readiness.  Call 855-677-2337 for help choosing and buying AEDs.

AED Prices, Safety, and Liability

Why do some small businesses (and medium ones too) not have workplace AEDs (Defibrillators) to protect their employees, customers and visitors?  In short, it’s usually a misperception or lack of understanding about one of three concerns:  the cost of AEDs, safety features of AEDs, or liability fears.  Let’s take a close look at these.The

A.  Affordability of AEDs.  Granted when AEDs first became available their average cost was much higher but like with most technology products the price has gone down.  Partly due to advancement in technology, market competition, broadening markets, and savvy consumers AEDs have become more affordable than you might think.  It is not uncommon to find a more affordable AED machine model for $1000 or so and a model rich with features for about $1600.

B.  Safety of AEDs. One of the greatest fears of customers is that a mistake might be made with an Automated External Defibrillator that results in a healthy person being harmed or even killed.  If this concern is yours you’ll be reassured that this simply can’t happy with an FDA-approved AED.  Once the two electrodes are placed on a patient’s chest the AED is able to analyze their heart rhythm.  The sophisticated algorithm within the device interprets the ECG to determine if a shock is needed.  For more on how to use an AED read more here.

C.  Liability and Legal Risk. There’s no doubt that in the U.S. legal climate individuals, businesses and government entities are cautious about being sued.  It’s important to note that AED buyer’s and users have legal protection.  State Good Samaritan Laws offer legal protection when a rescue is attempted with good intent.  Manufacturer Indemnification Policies offer huge financial protection in the event of an AED product failure.  The truth is the best way to avoid being sued in the event of a cardiac arrest death is to invest in AEDs & CPR/AED training and meet or exceed the “standard of care” in your industry.

AED One-Stop Shop provides straight answers to customer questions and concerns.  We use our industry knowledge to arm our customers with the facts.  Ultimately the decision to protect lives with AEDs or not is theirs but we provide expert opinion and great resources that organizations can weigh.  Call 855-677-2337 to speak with us or email us at

AED Selection & Buying

Selecting the right Automated External Defibrillator for your workplace, school, church, community, vehicle or building is not an easy task.  Which brand and model do you buy?  The most affordable?  The most expensive since it’s a life-saving device?  The easiest-to-use?  The latest technology?  The most durable and rugged?  The smallest and most compact?  The answer is you find the one that fits your selection criteria the most closely.

The consultative business model:  AED One-Stop Shop.

AED One-Stop Shop is a National AED Multi-Brand Supplier and here we differentiate ourselves on consultation and support.  Our most common customer type is one who knows they want AED defibrillators but struggle in determining which one(s) to buy.  The fact we carry leading brands like ZOLL, HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Defibtech and Philips helps tremendously.  We can determine which brand and then particular model best suits the specific need.  Furthermore, since we drop ship the product from the manufacturer and don’t maintain inventory we can remain most unbiased and are not influenced by being overstocked on an AED type.  We pride ourselves on the way we help make the complex become simple and the care that we treat our customers with.  Call 855-677-AEDs or email for a free consultation and to have your every question answered by an industry expert.

The ecommerce business model:

As consumers of any product these days sometimes we want to talk and ask questions and other times we just want to buy quickly and efficiently online.  Believe it or not, AEDs are becoming considered more of a commodity these days and these life-saving devices are frequently bought through ecommerce sites.  The problem is that most such sites are difficult to navigate and it’s hard to make a decision as to product type and model.  Enter  This new-comer in the business is perhaps the easiest to get around and navigate.  On page one of the site there are Workplace & Community AED Bundles which are preconfigured product packages with everything one would need to save a life.  Hover over a product image and the image flips to reveal a short summary of what the item is in simple terms.  Shop now to see how easy AED buying can be.

Whether you know what you want or whether you need help, one of these two trusted brands can help you.  But please don’t delay in making this critical investment in safety.

Workplace & Community AED Bundles

If you’ve spent any time looking at AEDs online it can be quite complex to make a decision to buy one or more of the small life-saving devices.  AED One-Stop Shop utilizes a consultative business model with live support and our partner stands out from other ecommerce sites. is designed to be simple to navigate and very easy to shop.  It can be very hard to choose the right AED brand, model and even accessories and so we’ve made our descriptions and content easy to understand.

The new announcement at & AED One-Stop Shop is that we’ve created some wonderfully configured AED product bundles.  The Workplace & Community AED Bundles contain everything one would need to save a life.  Each product group has the AED, carrying case, battery, pads, rescue kit, cabinet and signage which makes it ideal for each a business workplace, government building, non-profit, or even college or university.

The bundles mean great value as these products when purchased together give the customer incredible overall money savings.  Beyond the very noticeable savings we’ve been careful to choose the most popular and relevant accessories so our customers don’t overlook anything important like a kit with a CPR mask, scissors and razor for example.

We carry 5 of the very best brands in life-saving AED products:  Philips, HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Defibtech and ZOLL.  Our customers have 9 Workplace & Community AED Bundles to choose from:

  • HeartSine Samaritan 350P PAD AED Bundle – $1260
  • Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Bundle – $1280
  • Defibtech Lifeline AUTO AED Bundle – $1380
  • LIFEPAK Express AED Bundle – $1420
  • Philips HeartStart FRx AED Bundle – $1670
  • Defibtech VIEW AED Bundle – $1680
  • HeartSine Samaritan 450P PAD AED Bundle – $1740
  • ZOLL AED Plus AED Bundle – $1750
  • LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED Bundle – $1800

If you are shopping for AEDs at this time or you’ve contemplated this safety initiative, don’t wait any longer.  Shop these brand new Workplace & Community AED Bundles from or call AED One-Stop Shop at 855-677-2337 for an emailed quote.  If you’re looking for more than AED equipment you can add En-Pro PlusTrac and a CPR/AED training class for up to 10 attendees.

Workplace Safety & Defibrillators

U.S. Companies should be proud of their safety initiatives and the heightened consciousness towards making workplaces “heart-safe” environments.  With AED or public defibrillator programs implemented these corporations are able protect their employees, customers and visited from sudden cardiac arrest death.  At the same time, savvy safety teams, risk managers and human resources departments realize that by implementing such programs they are also mitigating risk.

As professionals in the industry, we are often asked about the legal ramifications of placing AEDs in facilities and vehicles.  Some are concerned that they can be sued for having AEDs if a save attempt is not successful.  Most professionals agree that with improved Good Samaritan Laws, modified indemnification policies and comprehensive program management offerings (with Medical Oversight and asset tracking) the protection of the law is quite good.  On the other hand those organizations that have not yet invested in AEDs are exposed to risk.  If companies don’t keep up with “standard of care” within their segment they can certainly be opened to the threat of legal ramifications.

Beyond the discussion about liability, deploying life-saving AED devices is certainly the right thing to do.  In settings with ample AEDs, CPR-trained responders and a well-designed program survival rates have been shown to exceed 50% versus the bleak national averages of just 5% or less.

Furthermore, AEDs are becoming more affordable and even easier to use.  AED costs for corporations are down significantly with an average price of about $1500.  Large corporate deployments with bulk discounts applied can sometimes drive the price down to less than $1000 per AED.  The AED manufacturers have done a remarkable job enhancing device usability with ease-of-use features that make the rescue easier.  Watch a demonstration or video about AEDs and you’ll quickly learn that the voice prompts and visual prompts make saving a life more simple than you might imagine.

AED One-Stop Shop has an approach which is very consultative.  We arm our customers with facts and trends and much, much more to help them decide on whether to invest in AEDs.  Beyond that, we help chose the right device type and complementary offerings like CPR and program management.  This customer-oriented philosophy is helping to make AED One-Stop Shop one of the very fastest growing brands in the industry.  Email us at and we’ll help you to implement a workplace AED program.