What does A.E.D. stand for?



If you don’t yet know what an AED is, you soon will as these small easy-to-use medical devices appear in most every public place and workplace.  An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator and it’s designed and intended for the lay person, in other words you.  First responders like fire departments and law enforcement agencies certainly can and do use these life-saving AEDs but a vast many lives are saved as a result of companies, schools and government agencies becoming equipped with them.  AEDs cost only about $1500 each which is certainly an affordable price to save the life of an employee, customer, visitor, student or even a loved one.

AED One-Stop Shop is a National Retailer of these public defibrillators and they approach the industry differently.  They realize that there are many questions that customers might have, for example:  Are AEDs safe?  What’s the liability?  What are the laws regarding AEDs in my State?  Do we need training?  What type are the easiest-to-use?  AED One-Stop Shop carries the major brands and has all the answers to these questions.  They help put people at ease and with a very consultative and educational approach they can arm a customer with the information they need to make the decision about AED brand, quantity and other considerations like CPR/AED training.  Investing in safety and investing in AEDs is the right thing to do in the workplace and not only that it helps to lessen risk by keeping up with reasonable responsibility or standard of care in your industry.

It’s important to note the Sudden Cardiac Arrest takes about 1,000 lives each day and sometimes those lives are much younger than you might expect considering that 7,000 school-age children fall victim each year too.  Take it upon yourself to investigate if your children’s school and sporting teams are equipped.  Ask at your workplace by speaking to a manager or safety officer.  Call your government officials to ensure your community is amply equipped with AEDs.  If you have questions you might consider contacting AED One-Stop Shop for advice as to how to start and fund an AED program to protect those you care about most.