Top 2021 Trends in AEDs

360P PAD US Left Hand On 0097

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic that introduced itself to the World in early 2020 has forever reshaped the future of how business is done. Remote workers have become more prominent while the employers tackle the obstacles of safety and compliance in the workplace. AED One-Stop Shop grew our customer base in 2020 as we helped our current and new customers manage their AED programs. Here are a few trends for 2021 with AEDs:

  1. Maintenance of AED pads & batteries is crucial.  Customers are favoring AED devices with long consumable expirations.  The ZOLL AED 3, HeartSine Samaritan and LIFEPAK CR2 have been trending up as a result.
  2. WIFI and cellular enabled AEDs and monitoring systems are the buzz. This means the AED communicates via WIFI to your readiness software so you know from your Smart Phone if your AEDs are ready to save a life or not.
  3. Pediatric capability is getting easier.  For decades AEDs have relied upon separately sold pediatric pads to child rescues (less than 8 year or 55 pounds.)  The new generation of AEDs like the Philips HeartStart FRx or LIFEPAK CR2 use a pediatric key or button to make the rescue faster and simpler.
  4. Subscription and services make AED ownership easier.  Introducing CRM (Compliance, Readiness & Maintenance) from AED One-Stop Shop