The Reliability of an AED

AED Reliability

When one purchases AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) they typically do so in hopes these life-saving devices are never needed.  They demonstrate proactive thinking and a priority on making the workplace safe.  When that dreaded moment happens and someone drops to what appears to be sudden cardiac arrest, how does one know the AED will work and it will function as it’s supposed to?  In other words, what good is a life-protecting defibrillator if it’s not ready when it’s needed most?

It’s important to know that AED manufacturers have certainly anticipated this need for reliability in the design of their products.  All public defibrillators perform self-testing to help detect and diagnose any issues with the device prior to the moment it is needed for a rescue.  AEDs awake periodically to perform a self-test process, it does this automatically on a scheduled-basis without any user-intervention required.  These self-tests typically check battery strength, pad connectivity, pad integrity, software, internal components and hardware, and more.  Be aware that some AEDs perform these tests more or less frequently ranging from daily to weekly.  Furthermore some AEDs do more robust and comprehensive testing than others.  These self-testing protocols are important and should be considered in the selection process.

If a problem is detected in the AED it sounds an audible chirp and displays a visual indicator of some type.  These audible and visual clues that the device is problematic and perhaps not rescue-ready vary from brand to brand.  For most warnings the AED will describe the problem with voice and or text prompts that might alert that “battery is low” or “replace pads” or “service required.”

At AED One-Stop Shop we believe product reliability should be considered as part of the selection process.  We also recommend an AED Program Management Solution which includes tracking software and email reminders to check your AEDs. By assigning an internal point of contact to visual check the AED each month an organization can lessen the risk that an AED is not ready when needed.  Do chose an AED with good reliability and consider Program Management to improve your organizations overall readiness.  Visit us at AED One-Stop Shop, call us at 855-677-AEDS, or email us at to discuss your AED needs today.