Replacing Old Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs

Cardiac Science Powerheart pads

Cardiac Science manufactures the popular Powerheart G3 AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators.)  AED One-Stop Shop is a National “Authorized” Cardiac Science dealer and we often get questions about when to replace and upgrade older versions of these devices.  Powerheart G3 AEDs are typically blue and yellow in color and they are distinguished by a blue and gray carrying case.  If you’ve had Powerheart AEDs for 10 – 20 years you might have AEDs that have been deemed “End of Life” by the manufacturer.  To determine if your AEDs are affected by this announcement remove your AED from the carry-case and look at the model number on the back.  The model number typically begins with 93XX and the last digits are important:  devices which end in -001, -101, and -201 need to be replaced.  Devices that end in -501, or -1001 are okay at this time.

Most customers who have the older AEDs become very concerned and opt to replace them quickly.  Cardiac Science customers are most often upgraded to the new Powerheart G5 AEDs which boast some excellent new features.  The Powerheart G5 is orange in color and has a more light and compact design that the previous generation.  New features include dual language (English and Spanish,) intelligent electrode pads which alert when expiring, and USB connectivity for upgrades and event downloading.

AED One-Stop Shop offers expert consultation and we’ve helped many customers learn about the need to replace old devices and consultatively help them decide upon the best AEDs for their application.  You might expect service like this to cost a premium but in fact AED One-Stop Shop offers fair and competitive pricing and we work with different sized budgets.

Call 855-677-AEDS to speak with a consultant or email for a quote.  For those who prefer to buy AED equipment online, here’s an offer from for the Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic AED for just $1695.00.  Bravo for protecting lives and making workplaces and communities safe.