Philips AED Pads are SMART

Philips SMART pads

The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED has become hugely popular both in the U.S. market and also around the World.  The OnSite incorporates ease-of-use, intuitive prompts, great reliability and general affordability.  The OnSite AED is blue in color but is typically stored in a distinctive red and white carry case with the recognizable Philips logo.  You’ve seen these in airports and other public places.

With all the impressive features of the Philips AED, the technology within special electrode pads, called SMART pads cartridges, are sometimes overlooked.  Part of the genius behind the SMART pads are that if the responder pulls the green lever it not only opens two electrode pads but it turns on the AED too.  When an individual is down to sudden cardiac arrest every moment is extremely valuable and defibrillators are often measured on how quickly they can be turned on, pads placed on the chest, and a shock delivered.  The clearly diagrammed images on the pads help guide the responder to place the pads on the chest quickly and accurately.

In addition to the intelligent design of the Philips OnSite replacement electrode cartridge, their low cost contributes to overall affordability.  These pads are replaced every two years and one should always pay close attention to the expiration dates.  The reason pads are replaced even when not used in a rescue is that the water-based gel contain inside (which help adhere to the pads the chest and deliver defibrillation therapy) can dry over time.  It’s also important to know that it’s recommended to keep an extra set of SMART pads with each AED as a spare.

Customers commonly look to AED One-Stop Shop to replace their Philips SMART pads because they can count on a great price and at least 2-years of expiration.  Because AED One-Stop Shop ships direct from the factory, pads don’t waste months of expiration on our shelves.  Give us a call at 855-677-AEDs and we’ll get you a quote.  Or click buy SMART pads to buy them for just $67.00 each from our sister company