New vs Refurbished AED Defibrillators


An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator and it’s a life-saving device designed for ordinary people or professional rescuers to save a human life.  Is it worth buying used, recertified or refurbished AEDs to save money?  AED One-Stop Shop and are amongst the most trusted brands in the industry and we strongly urge customers to invest in new AEDs only.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. The savings are not substantial often only $100.00 – $300.00 less than new ones
  2. New AEDs are coming down in price
  3. There are discounts and coupon codes available on new AEDs if you ask
  4. Vendors often sell discontinued or “end of life” AED types which make it hard or impossible to source pads and batteries for them
  5. Many times refurbished AED vendors don’t really “recertify” the AEDs they just resell them as is
  6. The newest AEDs have cool features like visual prompts, dual-language and Wi-Fi
  7. AED manufacturer warranties (usually 7 – 8 years) are sometimes voided once AEDs are resold or transferred
  8. You aim to save lives in an emergency and it’s much easier to trust brand new FDA-approved AEDs

Here are the newest AEDs to be approved by the FDA for purchase in the USA.  You can seldom find these amazing devices refurbished:

  1. LIFEPAK CR2 AED – this AED is packed with new technology including Wi-Fi connectivity, pediatric button, bilingual (English/Spanish) language prompts, and much more
  2. HeartSine Samaritan 360P AED – small and compact size, only 2.4 lbs, economical PAD-PAKs, and fully-automatic shock delivery
  3. Powerheart G5 AED – the first dual-language (English/Spanish) voice prompts, rescue-ready pads which alert you when they expire, and available iCPR feedback which coach for rate, depth and recoil of CPR

Not sure where to start with selecting and buying AEDs?  The interactive AED’s buyer’s guide is the ideal tool for you.  You simply answer the 15 questions and we’ll make a professional, expert recommendation for you along with a quote.  Or contact us at 855-677-2337 option 1 or