New AED Solution Launch: LIFEPAK CR2 AED


AED One-Stop Shop and are proud to introduce to you the brand new LIFEPAK CR2 AED from Physio-Control (a Stryker Company.)  We are pleased to inform you that the FDA has approved the amazing WI-FI ready CR2 Automated External Defibrillator for sale & purchase in the United States.

The LIFEPAK CR2 represents a new approach to public access defibrillation because of its integration with AED LIFELINKcentral readiness software.  AEDs are effective only if they are close at hand and ready to work. Whether you have one AED or 100 spread across the United States, now you can track the readiness status of each one. Ongoing system maintenance has been time-consuming and error-prone, that is until now.  With the tandem of the LIFEAPK CR2 and AED LIFELINKcentral through a connected WI-FI system you’ll know if you’ve got a low battery, soon to expire electrode pads and much more.  In short, your organization can be 100% certain that all your AEDs are ready to save a life by simply looking at your AED LIFELINKcentral website dashboard.

What about the AED itself?  It features a new 1-2 layered design with easy to follow bold graphics, both trained and untrained AED users clearly know how to begin.  The QUIK-STEP electrodes peel directly off the base for faster side-by-side placement. The CR2’s cprINSIGHT analysis technology analyses for shockable rhythm during chest compressions with no need to pause.  The metronome and CPR coaching sets an effective pace and audibly guides users, detecting and correcting technique as needed.  School customers especially will appreciate the new child mode toggle for reduced energy and CPR guidance appropriate for children without the need for separate pediatric pads.  Like other LIFEPAK life-saving devices, the LIFEPAK CR2 delivery the highest available energy of up to 360J for more effective shocks as needed.  There’s more, if you opt for the upgrade to the Bilingual version it can toggle seamlessly between two pre-set languages when using the device.  And those customers who are familiar with previous LIFEPAK devices like the LIFEPAK 1000, 500, Express and CR-Plus will not be surprised that the LIFEPAK CR2 is built tough with an impressive IP55 rating for tolerance to dust and water and challenging environments.

The team at AED One-Stop Shop and is fast becoming the industry’s specialist for those seeking the latest WI-FI and cellular connectivity technology.  We are finding that vast numbers of customers have found tracking their AEDs on spreadsheets and with paper check tags most time consuming, inaccurate and frustrating.  It only makes sense to use web-based readiness software and new communication technology to track the readiness of such important life-saving devices.  We believe the LIFEPAK CR2 with AED LIFELINKcentral is a World-Class solution to do so.  Call 855-677-2337 or email or for more information or a customized quote or proposal.