LIFEPAK AEDs for Public Use

Lifepak Express

If you’ve worked as a first responder for a Fire Department, EMS Agency, or Volunteer Fire Department you know and trust the name LIFEPAK.  With a lengthy lineage of LIFEPAK monitor defibrillators this brand remains the most popular choice in professional life-saving devices.  Most such agencies are equipped with LIFEPAK 12 or LIFEPAK 15 monitors these days.

This article however is aimed to inform that the LIFEPAK brand of public defibrillators is equally as reliable and should be a serious consideration for any workplace or public defibrillator program.  Physio-Control’s LIFEPAK CR-Plus is an especially easy-to-use life-saving device with a rugged design and one of the industry’s best 8-year warranties.  So how does this device differ?  Studies suggest that this AED type is perhaps the fastest AED on the market, in other words when lay rescuers attempted to use this one in a demonstration scenario they were able to turn it on, place the pads, and deliver a shock faster.  This data confirms that the design, ease-of-use features, and prompts combine to give the patient quick delivery of defibrillation therapy.  And we know the quick we deliver a shock to a sudden cardiac arrest victim the better the likelihood of survival.

Another key feature that makes the LIFEPAK CR-Plus and its economical step-down model, the LIFEPAK Express, popular choices is the availability in a “fully-automatic” version.  Yes the device can analyze the hearts rhythm and then deliver the life-saving shock without the rescuer having to make a decision as to if and when to push a shock button.

So, for a corporate safety committee or government department considering which AED type to select to best protect lives these features and benefits make LIFEPAK AEDs a very sound choice.  AED One-Stop Shop is proud to offer the LIFEPAK CR-Plus, the LIFEPAK Express, and the LIFEPAK 1000 devices.  Call one of our experts at 855-677-AEDs or email for a detailed quote and accompanying Physio-Control digital brochure.  We are experts at pairing organizations with the ideal device type, accessories, compliance documentation and plan for CPR/AED training.