First Aid Cabinets with SmartCompliance from AED One-Stop Shop

AED One-Stop Shop is considered by many to be the authority on public access defibrillation as National multi-brand provider with a consultative approach to AED programs. As a rule, we are selective about adding new product categories so we can remain a “specialist” on life-saving devices. That said, many customers have grown weary of their First Aid Cabinet service companies. Common complaints include:

• “They charge too much for the service visits”
• “We are alarmed at the cost of the supplies like band-aids & aspirin”
• “We’ve lost confidence they are actually refilling the supplies consistently & reliably”

As a result, AED One-Stop Shop has entered this space and we’ve chosen First Aid Only as our partner. They boast a great industry reputation and have a solution called SmartCompliance which utilizes requisition Apps to make ordering a breeze. It’s so easy in fact they can manage their cabinets themselves with support of AED One-Stop Shop.
Core Features & Benefits

• ¬ Adopt an automated approach to maintaining OSHA and ANSI compliance while avoiding wasteful overstocking
• ¬ Build an inspection log for compliance records
• ¬ Benefit from third-party AED and fire extinguisher management tools
• ¬ Enjoy management and reporting for users, cabinets, requisitions, inventory, and safety checks across multiple locations from a single, web-based portal
• ¬ Send refill requisitions to the provider of your choice using email, EDI, and API options or other customizable app interfaces
• ¬ Integrate directly into your own ecommerce or ERP system for streamlined management and enhanced tracking capabilities

Provide end-users with the ability to
• ¬ Create, save, send, and track requisitions from iOS and Android devices or PCs
• ¬ Set automatic reminders to perform cabinet inventories and create requisitions
• ¬ Set automatic reminders to perform safety checks on third-party fire extinguishers and AEDs
• ¬ Use offline mode to capture data during internet outages or at remote sites
• ¬ Provide powerful data tools including SmartData benchmarking by site, region, and industry

For more information contact AED One-Stop Shop at or just give us a call at 855-677-2337. Or use our Request a Quote tool, just skip the AED questions and let us know what you’re seeking in the comments.