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AED One-Stop Shop is proud to work with a large number of Emergency Management agencies across the United States.  Emergency Management is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.  It is important to note that Disaster management does not avert or eliminate the threats, instead it focuses on creating plans to decrease the impact of disasters. Failure to create a plan could lead to damage to assets, human mortality, and lost revenue. It’s estimated that in the United States about 60% of businesses do not have emergency management plans.

The product category of Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs is one that is incorporated into such plans for general preparedness.  The adoption of these most affordable life-saving devices is driven in part by the alarming statistics that about 1,000 Americans die each day by falling victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Emergency Managers in effort to protect lives within communities and workplaces design programs which make AEDs available.  The very best AED programs incorporate the right type and quantity of public defibrillators which are strategically placed to yield response times of less than 3 minutes.  Furthermore they incorporate ample training so that employees are knowledgeable, confident and unintimidated by their use.  Not to be overlooked is Program Management, this term refers to a comprehensive system which includes protocols, tracking, auditing and direction and oversight from a medical physician.

AED One-Stop Shop Our Website has the answers for Emergency Managers and alike.  We utilize an extremely consultative approach in which we ensure that all facets of an AED program are implemented.  Following a detailed needs analysis (completed at no charge to the customer) we recommend the most appropriate product for their specific needs.  We offer 5 leading brands, over 20 AED models, all needed accessories like wall cabinets and child pads and the services which accompany the life-protecting devices.

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