Don’t Wait for Mandates for AED, Act Now!

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It’s common to get questions about whether AEDs are required or mandated by law, “Do I have to get AEDs?”  Public Defibrillators are relatively new products and the market is new too, the first AEDs for public-use only came became available about 20 – 25 years ago.  Over this span States have gradually mandated AEDs by law in various industries that include K-12 schools, universities, gyms, workplaces, dentists, athletics and others. If you want to know what’s required in your State the AED One-Stop Shop Legislative State Map is the best resource out there.  More recently there are laws in which require AEDs in new construction for high occupancy buildings of 200+ people for example.  OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. OSHA’s mission is to “assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.”  OSHA recommends AED placement in the workplace but there is chatter that they might institute mandates and requirements in the near future.  The Federal Cardiac Arrest Survival Act was created to increase awareness of the importance of AEDs and to encourage their placement, availability and use in Federal buildings. In the year 2000, the Federal Cardiac Arrest Survival Act was signed by the President to recommend placement of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in Federal buildings and to provide Federal Good Samaritan protection for emergency responders who use AEDs.

What does all this mean?  AEDs have been proven to improve sudden cardiac arrest survivability.  If a cardiac arrest victim can be defibrillated at minute 2 after dropping they have an 80% chance of survival.  The more positive outcomes happen and the more lives that are saved this will certainly prompt stronger requirements for the small and easy-to-use life-saving devices.  Organizations should certainly also realize that regardless of mandates they can be sued in the event of a workplace death.  The time has come to act now and invest in life-protecting AEDs!  There’s certainly merit to buying AEDs to mitigate legal risk but the stronger motivator should be to simple protect lives.  Our most valuable asset in the private and public sector is our people (to include staff, customers, partners and visitors) and safety initiatives including CPR/AED training and AED availability is the right thing to do.

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