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The LIFEPAK AEDs (formerly Medtronic)

Physio-Control is the manufacturer of the trusted LIFEPAK brand for defibrillation products. This company (as EMS professionals and healthcare professionals already know) offers a “go to” product line for the first-responder, hospital and clinic settings. But what about the ever broadening AED market and in particular the public defibrillator market?

Automated External Defibrillators are certainly being placed more prominently within huge vertical markets such as schools, corporations, universities, churches, non-profits, government, utilities, gymnasiums, and hotels. There are several more large markets which are noticeably under-deployed with these life-saving devices such as restaurants, retailers, public transit, and believe it or not nursing homes. With so many markets it is difficult for any one brand to have alternatives for each type of setting and each application for life-protecting AEDs. Physio-Control offers 3 excellent models and through a recent acquisition the offer even more.

The LIFEPAK 1000 is the premier AED product from Physio-Control. It is large and rugged and design and they’ve spared no expense when it comes to the large display screen to enhance usability. There is no doubt that this is advanced life-saving technology as it can deliver up to 360J of energy to the cardiac arrest victim. The LP 1000 is a favorite for FDs and PDs but it can certainly be utilized in public settings too.

The LIFEPAK CR-Plus is the middle level device for Physio-Control. It balances ease-of-use, low cost of maintenance and through clever design it is perhaps the fastest AED in the industry to deliver therapy. The CR-Plus defibrillator is versatile enough to be placed in facilities or vehicles. Customers love the ease-of-use features and in a moment of chaos the red handle to open pads is a clever design feature.

The LIFEPAK Express is the budget model for Physio-Control. It boasts many of the marvelous features offered by the black CR-Plus devices but this AED is more affordable and it is white in color. It is a great fit for organizations who great technology and what to be compatible with LIFEPAK devices but must manage a tight budget.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P and 450P are the newest members of the Physio-Control family. As part of a recent acquisition HeartSine (an Ireland-based AED manufacturer) look for the small and compact Samaritan devices to be a nice product line extension.
AED One-Stop Shop is the New-Mexico based National AED distributor who’s turning heads in the industry. AED One-Stop Shop uses a consultative business model to pair customers with the perfect life-protecting public defibrillators for their organization. AED One-Stop Shop is proud to offer Physio-Control products. Read more on the LIFEPAK brand on the AED One-Stop Shop official site or email or call 855-OSS-AEDS for a quote or proposal.

Are AEDs All The Same? Not At All.

AED One-Stop Shop is growing rapidly for numerous reasons, but perhaps above all things it’s that we take a deep dive into customers’ expressed needs.  It likely holds true in most business that consumers like to be heard and they seek vendors and suppliers who are in tune with their needs.  When it comes to selecting a life-saving, life-protecting piece of medical equipment such as a public defibrillator or AED, a consultative approach is certainly welcomed by our prospects.  For more on what we do, see our site

The “One-Stop Shop” in our company name refers to the fact that customers can find solutions for equipment, training, and management from a single provider.  Furthermore our customers get to shop the leading AED brands and device types with a single call to one of our product experts.  By carrying trusted leading brands like HeartSine, ZOLL, Defibtech, LIFEPAK and Philips we are proud to offer variety.  We, however, specialize in AEDs for workplaces, public safety, and communities only and don’t stray into related safety equipment categories.  This means we offer unique specialization and world class industry knowledge and support.

Whether your interest is to protect lives in a school setting or for government buildings, we’ll find the right product for you.  Whether you’re protecting workplace employees or the general public, we will propose the ideal AED device you need.  Automated External Defibrillators vary widely in ease-of-use, voice prompting, visual indicators, core technology, durability, and in readiness-testing too.  Cost certainly varies for AED devices and the average prices for their batteries and pads which are replaced periodically.

Our point here is that once you make the choice to invest in safety and protect lives with AEDs, one should put careful consideration into which AED type to select.  Don’t make the common mistake of buying based primarily on price.  Don’t just take a recommendation from someone who has AEDs, because perhaps their decision wasn’t well-thought out.  We would urge you to call the experts.  Contact AED One-Stop Shop by emailing or by calling 855-677-AEDs.  Experience our consultative business model and friendly and ethical sales professionals.

LIFEPAK 500 AED Defibrillator Replacement

If your organization has been protecting lives with the Medtronic LIFEPAK 500 or Physio-Control LIFEPAK 500 you’ve likely enjoyed these trusted Automated External Defibrillators.  These rugged AEDs have been deployed by fire departments, law enforcement agencies, businesses, clinics, schools and more and have been responsible for countless lives being saved.

The LIFEPAK 500 Defibrillators are now very old and it’s time to replace them, in fact most organizations have already done so.  These AEDs hit the market in 1997, production was discontinued in 2007, and now their manufacturer, Physio-Control, is classifying them at “end of life” next month in January 2015.  “End of life” means that the manufacturer will no longer provide parts (like batteries) or provide service, support or repairs on the devices and they urge customers to get them out of service.

Like all technology, it improves over time and the new LIFEPAK AEDs are much easier to use, they have more features, they are more upgradable, and they are remarkably more affordable to maintain over time.  AED One-Stop Shop is a Physio-Control Dealer serving all 50 United States and we are equipped with special trade-in offers and promotions that can make your organization’s transition to the new life-saving devices quite budget-friendly.

Some organizations have delayed this transition and are holding on to their old devices as long as possible, this approach is certainly understandable where there are budget constraints.  However, from the standpoint of employee and customer safety it is a wise and intelligent move to upgrade sooner than later.  From the perspective of risk management it’s also smart to transition to the new supported devices so as to not expose the organization to unnecessary legal risk.

For more details about the new Physio-Control devices like the LIFEPAK CR-Plus “Fully-Automatic” for instance you can contact or simply call as at 855-677-AEDs.  Our current trade-in offer (as of December 2014) is a $250.00 rebate per old AED returned with purchase of a LIFEPAK CR-Plus or LIFEPAK 1000 AED, but these are subject to change and will certainly end soon.

In short, if you peer into your AED wall cabinets and see a black carry case and a long yellow handle, see if it’s an LP-500, if so it’s time to contact us right away!