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AED Types for Corporations, Schools and Government

Automated External Defibrillators are life-saving medical devices designed to be so simple and intuitive that anyone can use one to save a life.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest is different from a typical heart attack, the victim drops, loses consciousness and almost certainly dies minutes later.  SCA is caused by an electrical misfire in the heart which causes the heart to have an abnormal rhythm in which the heart is unable to pump blood to the organs.  Cardiac Arrest deaths occur to men and women, young and old and even school-aged children.

The use of an AED or public defibrillator is the only way to revive a victim of Cardiac Arrest and CPR can help to distribute blood and oxygen.  Fortunately, the availability of AEDs in workplaces in communities is improving quickly as organizations invest in these life-saving devices.  If your company, city, county, department, church, school district, non-profit, or college doesn’t have AEDs this should be addressed immediately.  AEDs are affordable (typically $1200 to $1800) and they are incredibly easy-to-use as they even coach the responder through CPR.

AED One-Stop Shop offers the top AED types in the industry:

  • LIFEPAK AEDs are made by Physio-Control who was recently purchased by Stryker. The LIFEPAK Automated External Defibrillators are known for being fast to use and the popular CR-Plus and Express models have a pull handle which quickly unseal the electrode pouch.  LIFEPAK AEDs deliver up to 360j of energy for tough to defibrillate patients
  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD AEDs are very affordable and their technology is geared to the lay responder with straightforward prompts and a very slim and compact design. The new Samaritan 360P PAD can deliver a shock “automatically” without the responder having to push a shock button.
  • Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs are packed with wonderful technology in particular their reliability features. An AED is no good if it doesn’t work in an emergency situation and the Powerheart devices do a vigorous test of hardware, software and key components each morning to ensure the AED will work when needed.  Their new Powerheart G5 AED can toggle between English & Spanish languages.
  • Defibtech Lifeline AEDs are a popular choice for corporations looking to make their workplaces safer. The Lifeline AEDs are affordable to purchase and maintain.  Their new generation Defibtech VIEW AED has a wonderful color video screen which enhances simplicity by showing you how to save a life and perform CPR.
  • ZOLL AED Plus devices are rich with great features that make them a top choice for workplaces and communities. Perhaps their best feature is their ability to help a responder through the daunting task of CPR with real time feedback which tells the rescuer to “push harder” or speed or slow their compressions.
  • Philips HeartStart AEDs are distinguished by their red carrying cases and easy-to-operate life-saving devices. HeartStart AEDs are simple to power on and the prompts change and adapt to speed for a skilled rescuer and slow for someone who’s not.  Philips AEDs are commonplace in airports and many public settings.

So which AED type is right for your organization?  By far the best tool in the industry for selecting the best AED type was cleverly created by AED One-Stop Shop, it’s called the Online AED Buyer’s Guide.  The National Multi-Brand AED provider uses a consultative style and this quick 12 question survey will help them chose the perfect AED type.  Beyond the AED selection, AED One-Stop Shop has cabinets, signage, onsite CPR training and everything needed for readiness and compliance with State AED Laws.  Call AED One-Stop Shop today at 855-677-2337 or email us at

AED Defibrillators for Churches

It is estimated that there are about a quarter of a million churches in the United States and there are perhaps several thousand churches with congregations of two or more thousand people.  Regardless of church size the population varies greatly in age and there are often elderly member populations.  Furthermore, youth program and even church schools are becoming commonplace.

To protect lives (young and old) churches are investing in life-protecting AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) as a safety initiative.  Church leadership often task this important project to either their operations staff or often a doctor or nurse member.  Sometimes churches are proactive when they purchase an AED, other times that are reacting to scare or even a tragic fatality.  With sudden cardiac arrest fatalities claiming a staggering 350,000+ lives each year in this Country it’s certainly wise to make the small investment in AEDs.  The life-saving AED is a must as is CPR/AED training so that responders are equipped with skills and the confidence to save a life.

AED prices have dropped in recent years and depending on the brand and model these can be purchased for less than $1500.  AED One-Stop Shop assists a great many churches and places of worship with the selection and purchase of an AED and even CPR training.  It can be quite daunting to shop for a product which can have an effect on life or death.  All AEDs are FDA approved and they are safe since they only deliver a shock if one is needed, in other words you can’t harm someone with a public defibrillator.  Churches often seek product features like ease-of-use, simplicity, automatic shock delivery, low cost, and general reliability.  AED One-Stop Shop uses a unique consultative approach in which we gauge customer needs and key selection criteria and then match the ideal Automated External Defibrillator.  We highly recommend a cabinet and signage which we provide so the AED is prominently placed and visible to all.

Contact a consultant at AED One-Stop Shop by calling 855-677-AEDs or emailing today.  For those that are ready to make this investment perhaps you might consider these bundle from our ecommerce partner who offers the LIFEPAK Express Church Bundle for just $1420.  This offer comes from Physio-Control / LIFEPAK which is one of the most trusted names in the business and we include cabinets, signs, and rescue kits as part of the Community Bundle.

We urge every church in America to get an AED and implement CPR/AED training before a crisis arises.