AED Reviews – What’s the Best AED / Public Defibrillator?

What AED is best?

When one makes the wise and savvy decision to invest in life-saving AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators, they must decide upon which AED type to buy.  So what is the best public defibrillator or AED?  The answer cannot be found on a chart which compares product features.  Nor can it be found by assessing customer or third party product reviews.  The reason is that an AED is a life-saving device and a customer should aim to match the right AED device to their specific need or application.  Here are a few general tips:

Look beyond price alone.  Most of us manage to a budget and indeed saving money is important.  Customers are wise to factor in the AED initial price and the cost of ownership of items like batteries, pads, training and program management.  But, because an AED is intended to protect human life the features of a public defibrillator can make the difference between life and death of a loved one or colleague.  Generally, technology should trump price and remember this is not a commodity buy.

Be conscious of the environment.  Will the AED be kept indoors or outdoors?  Will the device be stored in a cabinet and seldom moved or will it be in an application which requires some ruggedness or durability?  Is there risk of other tough conditions like heat, cold, moisture or dust?  If so, consider a device with a high IP rating or other attributes geared around reliability.

Think about a likely rescue scenario.  Is it likely to be a loud, chaotic situation?  Could a sudden cardiac arrest occur in a crowded, noisy environment?  Are there likely to be loud vehicles or machinery close by?  If so, an AED with above average visual prompts would be helpful to complement the voice prompts.

What is the skill level of the likely rescuers?  Will this purchase be to equip skilled professional rescuers, first responder, a CPR trained response team or lay-rescuers or general public.  Consider the population who are likely to grab and utilize the life-saving devices.  Some AEDs have better ease-of-use features which might include:  visual prompts, CPR prompts, real-time CPR coaching, fully-automatic shock delivery, intuitive prompts, video screens, texts screens, pediatric pads, infant keys and more.  Some devices are better suited to the public while others are better suited to professionals.

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