AEDs for Oil and Gas Companies

AEDs workplace

There has been a very noticeable increase in the safety emphasis within the Oil & Gas Industry.  In various categories such as oil exploration, crude oil production, and natural gas, companies have been heightening their workplace safety efforts to include the deployment of life-saving AEDs.

Sudden cardiac arrest certainly accounts for a large percentage of workplace fatalities and for energy companies this statistic is considerable.  If an employee drops to cardiac arrest their chance of survival without access to public defibrillators is slim indeed.  However, a workplace that is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator or many such devices raises the change of successful resuscitation dramatically.  In fact, if CPR is delivered promptly and an AED is applied, a victim’s chance of survival might be approximately 80% if the shock is delivered in about 2 minutes from their drop.

It’s no wonder that energy companies are placing AEDs in large volume in headquarters, in operational facilities, on rigs, in vehicles, and strategically with their valued employees, customers and visitors in mind.  Affordable pricing for AEDs certainly helps this trend as average selling prices for AEDs have dipped into the low one thousands.  Beyond the initial investment many AED manufacturers are striving to make AED batteries and pads more affordable to customers too.

AED One-Stop Shop is a National Multi-Brand AED Provider with a consultative mind-set.  Our industry expertise helps us to pair companies with the right AED brand, right AED model with subsequent ideal product features.  Our specialists are customer needs focused and with a drop ship only model we don’t have inventory that might influence product recommendations.

Tell us about your specific needs and details about the application and we’ll certainly help you weigh through the options.  Is your application inside, outside, for vehicles and what are your priorities for an AED program?  We’ll be the ideal partner and your search for AEDs will begin and end with AED One-Stop Shop.  Call 855-667-AEDS for more or visit AED One-Stop Shop now.