AEDs for Law Enforcement

AEDs for police vehicles

Certainly one of the hottest trends for the placement of life-saving AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) is within law enforcement agencies.  Cities from very small ones to the large metropolitan Cities are placing AEDs in patrol vehicles for both public safety and also officer safety.  The basic logic is that often a Police Department patrol vehicle may arrive on a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency minutes before Fire or EMS.  These precious seconds or minutes can be the difference in life or death for an SCA victim.  County governments have embraced the idea too with Sheriff’s Offices that often patrol very large rural geographies.  This poses obvious challenges to access to defibrillation, thus Sheriff’s Offices all over the U.S. have been investing in this life-protecting technology and placing AEDs in facilities like jails, courthouses and of course patrol vehicles.  Many States can be proud that their State Police, Department of Public Safety or State Troopers have created their own AED Programs.

To equip or not to equip?  The logic behind the argument to invest in AEDs for public safety is undeniable but so too is the logic that often if a law enforcement officer drops in the call of duty it is likely to be a fellow officer arriving to his or her rescue first.  Protecting one’s own is yet another benefit of AED law enforcement deployment.  A certain contributor to the hot trend for AEDs is that ease-of-use is much enhanced for the new generation AEDs, making it much more straightforward and less intimidating to use the devices.  AEDs have advanced technology that analyze a patient’s heart rhythm and only deliver a shock if one is required, this important safety feature enhances confidence for the responding Police Officer.  Lastly, prices have become much more manageable as have the costs of the consumables like batteries and electrode pads.  An average priced AED from AED One-Stop Shop is approximately $1,500 which most would agree is a small price to help protect lives within the community and in the department.

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